How to format Pendrive using CMD

How to format Pendrive/Device using CMD

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Most of the people use external HDDs and pen drives to transfer and store data. While formatting your pen drive, sometimes you may face the error “Windows unable to complete the format”. The errors occur due to drive error. It may be virus-infected, or it is written permission protected. In […]

How to activate DND in BSNL

How to activate DND in BSNL [Do Not Disturb]

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BSNL is one of the oldest telecommunication services that offer the best result to their customers in all circumstances. The existence of this telecommunication service brings the revolution in direct communication services. The most required thing is required for avoiding the annoying message on GSM mobile number is the activation […]

YouTube Thumbnail Size

YouTube Thumbnail Size & Profile picture size

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What Is The Technically Perfect YouTube Profile Picture Size In 2020? Profile pictures are your first impression on the viewer. The pictures maybe someone’s photograph, or a logo of their brand or firm. Choose the picture wisely and configure the YouTube profile picture size properly. Every year the trends update as per […]