How to activate DND in BSNL

BSNL is one of the oldest telecommunication services that offer the best result to their customers in all circumstances. The existence of this telecommunication service brings the revolution in direct communication services.

The most required thing is required for avoiding the annoying message on GSM mobile number is the activation of DND in BSNL by hook and by crook.  In case you want surely to further flow of this irritating message, then you must know the effective process how to activate dnd in bsnl. The activation of this service can be possible through using the SMS and IVRS modes. There is availability to different SMS numbers and calling the number to block the unexpected telemarketing message on your phone. The overall aim of DND activation service is to block unblock the unexpected message at all. It does not matter whether you are using the prepaid and postpaid activation mode.

Hence, it would be a good thing that one should have to scratch the simple code and process of DND activation. On the contrary side, you should find the other ways for the deactivation of a few unexpected messages. It is not necessary that it is beneficial to take the full activation of DND. In case you are doing so, then it is likely to get the block of some message. So, you must take the full care while using the approach of how to activate dnd in bsnl. Otherwise, some necessary promoting messages will be blocked in the inbox area of your mobile.

In case you do not belong to any business category, then it is good that you should use the full activation of DND on your mobile.

How to activate DND in your BSNL mobile with the association of SMS

Let us follow the procedure in BSNL DND activation by sending it to toll-free number 1909.

Industry name Sending SMS keyword to 1909
Banking, insurance, Finance/CC Start1 to
Health Start 4
Education Start 3
Real- Estate Start 2
Tourism Start 7
Full blockage Start0
Broadcasting and telecommunication Start6
Automobile and consumer goods Start 5

No matter how long you using the BSNL sim to traverse communication in the forward direction, you must send SMS keyword to 1909 after saving your business niche with the effective trick how to activate dnd in bsnl. As soon as you confirm the business niche, you send the SMS keyword for the partial and full deactivation service.

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