Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Review

Overview of Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display!!!

The Macbook pro has been the number one choice by the customers for several years because of several numbers of reasons. When it comes to the laptops competition, Apple stays always on top. With a new release of the product, the company raises the bar of the market. The new range of MacBook Pro models has been introducing first in the 2013 year. The range of MacBook Pro has been divided into two different categories. The first one is with the screen resolution display and the second with the retina display.

Here we will talk about the Apple MacBook Pro with retina display!!!


Macbook pro review

The Apple MacBook Pro-13-inch contains the general Apple ID design that contains a black backlit keyboard, design body with matte finish aluminum, multi-touch trackpad. The Macbook pro is compact in size making it easier to handle. However, it is a little heavier in weight with a weight of 3.57 pounds.   


Macbook pro review

For both the screen sizes of MacBook Pro with the Retina display, connectivity is the same. Both the MacBook designs are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. two USB ports, an HDMI connection, an audio input-output connector, Wi-Fi, an SDXC card and power connector. Macbook pro retina models don’t include Ethernet or firewire ports. However, if you are able to pay a little extra then Apple will offer you Thunderbolt to Ethernet and Firewire connections.  

Processor and Memory

The 13inch MacBook retina display versions are equipped with Intel dual-core i5 processors. The models come with 8GB of RAM capacity and a user is not able to extend the RAM memory more than 8 GB. On the other hand, the 15-inch models with retina display come with quad-core i7 generation processor with enhanced processing speed.  


The 13-inch versions contain Intel HD 4000 graphics. While the lower priced MacBook models that does not contain Retina display comes with HD 5000 graphics. The Intel 5000 is 50 percent faster than that of the Intel HD 4000.   

Hard drive

The Macbook model comes with SSD (solid state drive). The standard screen sized Macbook models comes with 128GB or 256GB while on the other hand, the larger MacBook models come with the 256GB or 512GB memory capacity.   

Macbook pro review

Retina Display

Retina display is one of the most important factors that we have to discuss. The screens of these versions are quite crisp offering 300 Nits brightness. These offer a resolution of 2,560 X 1,600 resolution. The screen will offer you an amazing video and gaming experience.  


The latest MacBook model comes with dual-core Intel core processor of i5 generation along with a memory of 8GB offers a great performance as compared to the other MacBook models.

What you will get in the box?

You should not expect anything free in the box. You will get a power adapter, wall plug, cable and a MacBook pro 13 inch in the box.

Numbers of features and quality of the MacBook pro 13 inch makes it an ideal option to spend your savings. If you want to save more while buying MacBook pro with retina display then choose to buy refurbished MacBook pro 13 inch available both online and offline. However, if you thinking that the quality of the product will not be the same as that of brand new then here is good news for you. You can save higher without compromising the quality. Apple doesn’t certify a product to sell as refurbished until it meets the Apple quality standard.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Considering the design and features of the MacBook Pro with retina display makes it a great choice to buy. If you are looking for a MacBook model that is budget friendly and that comes with all the above features then buying a refurbished MacBook Pro with retina display is the right option for you.  

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