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At ImageUpscaler, we aim to create a world of creativity where innovation should be a click away. We kept on moving to bring this vision to life. We have reached a collection of over fifteen professional tools by starting with a single image tool: Image Upscaler. Some tools are here to enhance the quality of pictures; some are designed to generate images, and some are created by adding the power of deep learning AI in our creation to fulfill the desires of each user.

Let us explore the story of Image Upscaler’s arsenal, which consists of groundbreaking tools revolving around digital creativity.

History – A Journey of Innovation

We created Image Upscaler several years ago and it was our first-ever tool. We got results with this effort. After years of completion, we move forward with our ambition. We expand our services by listening to user’s needs and by bringing innovative ideas from our team.

Next, we added five tools to our program list to expand our arsenal. Each tool was designed to solve a unique problem. We serve our users so they can use AI to create stunning images with little effort of prompt delivery. They can explore many advanced-level AI tools without any expense.

We create image enhancers and artifact removal tools to get glorious images with more efficient results. In addition, we also created background removal tools that can easily extract the foreground from backgrounds. Images of cartoons and anime generators are also part of our list. The quest of learning and serving did not end there, so we moved from the image to the video world.

Entry into the Video World

Last year, we entered the video editing world and created mind-boggling tools. Video cartoonizer is based on seven styles: cartoon style, sketch style, art style, etc. Users can explore the styles to create outstanding artwork. From watercolor to amine, our video tool offers a range of options to suit every creative vision.

Today & Beyond

Today, we proudly offer an arsenal of over fifteen professional tools, each coupling with the power of deep learning technologies to meet our users’ diverse needs in one place. Our quest for innovation continues daily as we strive to uncover the latest discoveries in digital imaging and make them accessible through Upscale.

Top Key Tools And Their Creative Features

Here are some essential tools and features of our company.

  • Upscale Image

It’s a revolutionized tool that can increase low-resolution images into high-resolution images with some simple clicks. It works with deep learning AI technology.

By using this tool, you can upscale your image quality not only up to twice but up to 8 times. This tool also supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, WEBP, or BMP formats to give any of your images a much better look.

  • AI Image Generator

Another revolutionary tool – is the AI Image Generator. It is developed using advanced Stable Diffusion XL technology. With this tool, you can create any image by describing what you want to see in the picture and specifying the style in which the image will be created. Using the text prompt, you can easily convey your requirements to the AI, creating an image that meets your description in just a few seconds. Our AI Image Generator is incredibly easy to use and produces excellent results.

  • AI Inpaint Tool 

If you want to remove any unwanted things in your picture, then try this tool. Within an eye-blinking duration, you can do it.

Select and remove the unwanted thing from the photo, whether it is an object, a person, a watermark, a logo, complex text, or a selected area. This tool can detect your face as well. It can identify any acne or wrinkle and then remove it by retouching features.

  •  Photo Colorizer

We have tried our best to carry our deep learning algorithm knowledge into reality. This tool is the best example of our expertise. By exploring photo colorizers, you can color your black & white photo.

Add colors to each pixel of the black-and-white photo according to your preferences. This tool is based on an extensive database of color collections. Photo colorizes use convolutional neural networks to study detailed black-and-white images. Using a deep algorithm, this tool analyzes each photo pixel to colorize accurately.

  •  Photo to Painting

With this tool, you can easily turn your image into a watercolor-like one. Also, you can try our tools which convert your image into a cartoon, anime, or sketch style. This tool makes art possible in seconds.

  • Video Cartoonizer

It’s a mind-boggling tool. This tool is designed for fun lovers. You can easily sharpen your ideas into reality. Just upload your favorite video, and our AI-powered video cartoonizer will sharply convert it into one of 7 styles like cartoon or anime within seconds.

Ideally, you can use our tool to create funny content, especially shorts for social media, presentations, or kicks! Its advanced feature includes a high-quality transformation of your animation using AI technology.


Image Upscaler’s journey is proof of innovation and creativity from the start to today. Our tools are designed to the user’s preference, either image-related or video. With the advancements in deep learning technologies, we will continue to discover what would be possible. Whatever your profession is, ImageUpscaler’s arsenal of tools is here to serve you with the best possible trending ideas.

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