how to block a domain in outlook

How to block a domain in outlook?

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Everyday we receive numerous of unwanted mails in our Outlook inbox. These mails can disturb you while you are busy doing some important piece of work. Personally, I myself have the habit of checking outlook mails on a regular basis and it sometimes becomes irritating getting such unwelcomed mails in […]

How to use iPhone as a Webcam

How to use iPhone as a Webcam?

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Consider utilizing your iPhone as a high-quality webcam if you need one. You may set up your iPhone to function as a webcam for your PC or use it to record videos. This article will explain how to utilize an iPhone as a webcam, how to take webcam videos with […]

WordPress Issue

How to Trouble Shoot WordPress Issue?

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There are a few things that can cause WordPress issues. It could be a problem with your theme, a plugin, or even something in the WordPress core itself. Whatever the cause, troubleshooting WordPress issues can be a challenge. Unfortunately, you can’t change the method the system does things. In that […]

How to add signature in Gmail account

How to add signature in Gmail account?

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An email signature is a text which is added in the footer of your mail, you can add your name, mobile number, designation or company’s logo as your signature in Gmail account. Adding signature in your email can add professionalism and class in your messages. Read Also: How to add […]


How to add signature in Outlook?

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Adding a signature in your outlook mail can adds a bit of polish, and people can start recognizing you. It can create a good impression on the person reading your mails You can add signature in Outlook both manually and automatically. Manually adding signature in Outlook, whenever typing a mail […]

How to run YouTube in background

How to run YouTube in background?

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In our day to day life music has become of the most integral part of our lives. Listening to music can be costly for you. You have to buy subscription Our lives are full of hacks, today in this article I have a special life hack for you. You can […]