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Social interactions within the Monopoly Go framework can immensely augment the realm of your gaming. Nonetheless, you may experience cases where other players’ actions and disruptions become unbearable and you may be forced to block them. In the case of Monopoly Go, the “block” option is not applicable yet. Still, you can defend yourself from another player who wants to interact with you within the game. This guide demonstrates some straightforward steps for getting rid of toxic players from your Monopoly Go journey.

Understanding the Limitations

Monopoly Go, a game that has become very popular as it allows you to play the traditional board game on your smartphone, also emphasizes social needs during gameplay. Yet, it has no clear blocking features, which creates a problem if you want to deal with players you want to block in your gameplay.

Keys to “Block” a Person in Monopoly

Perhaps the term “block” will not be used in Monopoly Go, but when you remove an individual from your friends list it is like being blocked and preventing that person from interacting with you. Here’s how:

Removing from Friends List

  • Navigate to Friends: Tap on the “Friends” icon at the bottom right corner of your game screen and proceed to the Friends & Family screen.
  • Access Leaderboard: In the “Friends” section of the app, choose the “Leaderboard tab” to see your list of friends.
  • Identify the Player: Find the person from the list of your friends you need to kick from your friends list.
  • Remove the Player: Long-press on the player’s name and then select “Remove.” When you come across the confirmation message box press “Remove” again.

In this way unfriend the particular person from your friend list, which makes it impossible for them to interact with you again unless you decide to do so.

Reporting Annoying Players

If a player’s behavior violates the game’s terms of service or negatively affects your gaming experience, Monopoly Go provides an option to report such players to customer support:

  • Open Menu: Click the menu button located at the top right corner of the game screen.

Select Settings: Select “Settings” among other options located in the menu.

  • Contact Customer Service: Go to the “Customer Service” page which is located in the “Support/Legal” section in the menu.
  • Initiate a Chat: Click on the “Chat with us” button so you can talk to support personnel right away. Make sure you list that information in detail.

Most online stores also provide the option to change the name of your store and its icon in order to make it more recognizable to customers.

Yet another effective way of staying away from unintended interactions is with the help of changing your in-game name and icon. This can make it harder for removed players to recognize and attempt to reconnect with you:

  • Access Profile Settings: On the upper rightmost section of the homepage, click the three horizontal bars and then tap your profile picture.
  • Edit Profile: If in the profile settings screen, click your name and then submit and you will be able to set a new name. Also, try changing your avatar to something unrecognizable.

Save Changes: To save your new adjustments simply click “save”.

Why There’s No Direct Blocking Feature

In the “Monopoly Go” board game the players are not only competing with each other but they are also interacting. Attacking other players’ boards is one of the elements the game is made of. Implementing a direct blocking feature could potentially disrupt the game’s balance and the intended social dynamics. Therefore, the current system of removing friends and reporting violations serves as the game’s method for managing player interactions.

Steps to better Monopoly game experience

  • Share Invite Links Privately: Be cautious with shared invitation links and refrain from accepting unwanted friendship requests.
  • Seek Revenge Strategically: If you are attacked, use the game as a tool to show your retaliations and thus prevent more attacks from happening.
  • Keep Your Friends List Curated: Every now and then, audit your friend list by eliminating and deleting old and irrelevant players or those whom you don’t want to connect with anymore.

However, the Monopoly Go game may not offer a direct way to block players. But, the game provides you with strategies for managing your social relationships and having a positive gaming experience. Restricting access to some of your friends on your friend’s list, reporting inappropriate behavior of other players, and being watchful about your whole online interactions will always keep you playing Monopoly Go in a kind and competitive society.

Recall the objective, as in any game, is to supply fun and laughter. By adhering to this guide and these instructions, you can properly align your game to your taste and make every game of Monopoly Go as enjoyable as it gets.

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