how to activate dnd in vodafone

Vodafone has been used by many customers for making smooth and convenient communication. The high reliability of this communication service is due to some telecommunication service. This telecommunication service provides some essential key attributes that do not leave your customers to go back. It holds the features to block unwanted and useless marketing calls. So, you must enable do not disturb features in it anyhow. In case you want to learn how to do this, then this write-up will be helpful to find a suitable procedure to activate dnd in Vodafone.

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There is no surety that it will exist on your phone by default. For the ignition of this DND service, you must follow the effective procedure to capture this result. Without diving in other theoretical processes, you must read the best way how to activate DND on Vodafone without asking the professional help and guidance. Hence, you must follow the steps described in the bulled list for how to activate DND in Vodafone without any loss of missed call alert message.

With online methods How to activate DND in Vodafone

  1. First of all, it is nice to access the Vodafone’s DND page.
  2. Having opened this textual link page, you must have to fill the all necessary details in terms of professional and personal data. These input details vary from user’s name, email address, and Vodafone, and specifically allocated Vodafone number.
  3. Under the navigation details of DND, you must select the option yes.
  4. After that, you have to enter the captcha text and click on submit button.

How to activate DND in Vodafone via SMS or call

The activation of DND is Vodafone is not a hard task as you ever think. There is nothing to do expect to make a call on the respective number and send a message in the definite sets of numbers.

  1. First of all, you would have to ensure whether you have to take the partial and full DND service in your Vodafone mobile.
  2. If you are really to take the full DND service, then you send start 0 in the SMS to 1909.
  3. There might be a possibility that your phone does not have an SMS facility. To block the further existence of this message, then you must call on a specific number 1909.

Conclusion: These steps are quite an idea to activate the DND in your Vodafone. So, one should have to take the full precaution while activating DND in their Vodafone.

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