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The question that comes in mind is “What is a mechanical keyboard?” There are like numbers of different gaming keyboards. Among them, there is a beasts called as Mechanical keyboards. The most followed and like keyboard in gaming peripheral because of its accuracy, performance and key switches. The mechanical keyboard places a mechanical key switches beneath every keycap that enable the user to have the highest gaming experience.

Now mechanical key switches are not alone as they are backed up by RGB backlighting that glows your keyboard with various colors mixture. The RGB backlights have LED lights that give a nice touch of colors to your desk. You can even customize that backlighting by having your favorite color at back. Some of them have built-in themes while other have application that can control backlighting.



Some of the Best RGB mechanic keyboard which are not only popular for their mechanical key-switches and RGB backlighting but also for the best wireless gaming keyboard will be discussed in the article to give you a clue what they offer to you.

Top RGB Mechanical Keyboard

1. DREVO Calibur 71-key RGB

One of the Best RGB Mechanical keyboards along RGB backlighting that keep on going in virtual reality. The gaming device is perfect in all ways, from its design to its customizable backlighting option they have left nothing to have in keyboard.

The DREVO Calibur is 600g in weight and the dimension are 348x101x36 mm (LxWxH) having Outema mechanical key switches under 71 keycaps. The finest tech of Outema switches are lethal, exact and required less actuation force for pressing the key.

ABS keycaps have variety of Backlighting option which can be customized either through application or combo keys. The different backlighting modes are Red, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, White, Green and Black. More there is auto display mode and different themes like Snake Marquee, Wave, Ripple and many more. You can even increase or decrease the lighting intensity and speed.

Each feature sign is engraved on the respective keycaps and you would know if it is connected to Bluetooth or not, volume is decreased or increase. When you press the key, each sign will be blink on the keycap.

The most important thing in DREVO Calibur is that it’s both cord and cordless device. It can be connected via Bluetooth at can work at the range of 10 meter. The device can work up-to 20 hours without cord and now you can even play at your couch as the keyboard have 1200 Mah battery. All these features make it one of the Best RGB mechanical keyboard.


CORSAIR K63 a best RGB mechanical keyboard, designed by RK Gaming along with finest tech in industry to keep the user to itself. Everything in this keyboard should be apricated as they have focused on providing the best to its user and now there is not a chance to be beaten in game field.

The RK gaming keyboard CORSAIR K63 have Cherry Mx Mechanical key-switches that are one of the finest mechanical technology in the current market. Due to its popularity in mechanical key-switches, CORSAIR K63 is one of the best RGB mechanical gaming keyboard in the gaming peripheral.

The “Tenkeyless” layout keyboard is 1090g which is kind of heavy as there are no numerical keys at it but still weight doesn’t matter for the gamer if overall the keyboard have good performance. The dimension of the keyboard is 365x174x38 mm LxWxH along with Cherry MX mechanical key switches.

The mechanical key-switches are durable, exact and correct while needing less actuation force to activate of 60 gf force. The Cherry’s tech is backed up by RGB backlighting that give a nice touch to colors formation while playing games with it. There is not much backlighting as in DREVO Calibur but still the red or blue build-in backlighting are most followed by the gamer.

Talk about the feature that CORSAIR offer is 2.4 GHz frequency that keep the device connected via wireless from 10 to 15 feet. The device can be charged with 3.0 USB port upto 15 hours and you can enjoy gaming whole day.

If you didn’t get any much of backlighting but the CORSAIR K63 provide anti-ghosting feature that is important for the gamers at their not a single chance of being missed a shot while connected to Bluetooth or wifi connection. More there is a application called CUE 2.x that is supported for every operating system to keep control of the keyboard in your hand.

3. Razer Huntsman Elite

You are looking out at one of the expensive RGB backlighting keyboard in the industry but the only thing here missing is wireless connection. Razer did a good job in giving a RGB keyboard like that but still the wireless connection is its only flaw. You would have to stick to your desk while enjoy the mechanical RGB keyboard.

The price is too high for the keyboard but if you look at it then its worth it of having such a finest device. It’s a complete keyboard with no combination of keys for fusing the layout but here they have put every key along with media keys and volume roller.

Give it a glance it would be look like a simple keyboard but still when you use it, you will feel the difference. The floating keycaps around the optomechanical key-switches over black keycaps which are the finest tech in industry. You will feel the actuation force too little and perfect and there is no chance of getting the lag. The extensive features and performance makes it perfect to be in the list of top 3 best RGB mechanical keyboards.

The keyboard is not having just a simple design but there’s also a foamy palm rest that keep on going for the long play. Along with metal edges, the keyboard is stiff and hard to break. The purple switches under the keycaps and the mechanical switches are firmly attached to the metal bar under the keys.

The blue and purple key-switches backlighting gives a nice and attractive touch to the keyboard and not only the key have backlighting but the media keys and volume roller also have backlighting option keep you assist in glow formation while playing in the dark.

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