how to activate dnd in airtel

Know better how to activate DND in Airtel

Activation of Do not disturb node in your conversation call is essential so that you are not compel to attend the unnecessary call and message. All electronic consumers are not too friendly with its function to access. Many times, telephone subscribers send some promotional call and SMS to consumers and end users.  It is likely to get frustrated from these calls and SMS as it is unworthy for them. Having seen too much arrival of such an embarrassing message, various users feel bad and try to block it sooner or later. Too much access of the SMS does not let to give the free space in your mobile.

This is the great question how to get rid of this irritating message.  In case you do not like to further receive this message, then you should activate DND in Airtel. By doing so, you do not receive unwanted and useless call on your airtel mobile number. There is no doubt that Airtel DND will be activated to DND facility at your airtel number and deactivated the process of incoming call and text message at all. There is no surety that telecom communication service providers send promotional message to all industries. So, one should check out which industry has been influenced by promotional services. Hence, it is your top preference that either single message has been highly blocked or not.  Otherwise, you ought to make set preference to block the unwanted message and calls. Here we are going to describe how to activate dnd in airtel(Do Not Disturb Service in Airtel).

Let us take the brief look to take the set preference to block the promotional message of industries.

  1. Banking/ insurance/ preference/Financial card and credit cards
  2. Education
  3. Credit card
  4. Health care
  5. Consumer goods and automobiles
  6. Airtel products and services
  7. Tourism and leisure
  8. Fully blocked

Let us go through the process to deactivate and activate DND in Airtel

There is no surety to learn the all technical art related to airtel product and services and this is applicable for a new user.  It is better to send some code to block the promotional call and message on specific number. As soon as you send this number to global four digit number, you definitely reach on the verge of not further receiving these irritating messages.

How to Activate DND in Airtel

 Let us move toward category and description

0-fully blocked: 

The prime thing is that you register to block SMS service message. This number will be started from sending message 0 to 1909.

What will you do partially blocked message?

  1. Use start 1 t- 1909 to block banking service.
  2. start 2 t- 1909 to block real estate service.
  3. Utilize start 3 t- 1909 to block education service.
  4. Use start 4 t- 1909 to block health service.

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