How to activate DND in Idea

Sometimes, conversation on a mobile phone is obvious to make the interaction between different people. The main utilization of mobile is done with the purpose of the know how of a certain person. Various brand services are connected with some promotional campaign and thereby, they send many unexpected calls to their prospective customers. Likely, some people do not take interest to take the unflavored call and directly bound to discard this call. It does not matter whether you are using the small or big telecommunication service to send the textual and voice-over message.

It is just the wastage of time in case you do not attain the business orientated and sentiment increment message of their loved one. This becomes the great question of how to make such a useless message scrap. The administration of this unwanted and unused call has been dome with the activation of the DND. To get calm form the fruitless call, it is imperative to have the do not disturb service anymore. This is expected that you must read how the sequential procedure for How to activate DND in idea. This write-up is valuable for those persons to learn the solid trick to activate DND in mobile. This is the TRAI type and alternately known as the NCPR in their mobile.

Now the service of an idea does not work alone and two renowned telecom sectors have been merged into one brand. In comparison to other telecom sectors’ data plan and services, it offers the best and valuable services to them. In case you are willing that unwanted calls do not barrier in your communication, then you would have to follow the same activate DND in the idea as other telecom sectors.

There is no hard rule and regulation that you need to do some add on in the idea mobile and must follow the standard sets of regulation to activate DND features in the mobile phone. As soon as you insert the idea sim in your mobile, making many exercises in your mobile will tend to activate the DND anyhow. There is no need to describe that telecom Communication Company finds the new way to distinguish the spam mail and you do not find a genuine way to boycott. The best way that you have to activate the number of spam calls and text you find. It is the high time that we have to implement the right tricks to reduce the number of calls and messages.

One should have to escape from this problem with the co-ordination of the Telecom Authority of India method to enable the DND service. No need to have the technical skills for the removal of fake messages and calls.

How to activate DND in IDEA through Call or SMS

  1. Send SMS  “START 0” to the number 1909. By doing so, you can activate the full DNP on your mobile.
  2. You can call 1909 from idea sim and use the IVR prompts to activate it..

Partially Blocked IDEA DND Service

1 – for receiving SMS relating to Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit CardsSTART 1 to 1909
2 – for receiving SMS relating to Real EstateSTART 2 to 1909
3 – for receiving SMS relating to EducationSTART 3 to 1909
4 – for receiving SMS relating to HealthSTART 4 to 1909
5 – for receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and automobilesSTART 5 to 1909
6 – for receiving SMS relating to Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / ITSTART 6 to 1909
7 – for receiving SMS relating to Tourism and LeisureSTART 7 to 1909
  • SMS “START <Option>” or “START <Option>, <Option>” to register your preference for receiving selective categories of promotional SMS’, to 1909

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