How to Apply for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana?

Food, clothing and shelter are three basic amenities one needs to survive. If you’re able to fill these basic needs for yourself and your family, you lead to a happy life. Food and Clothing can be managed quite easily but when it comes to shelter, not everybody has an upper hand over it.

Luckily, to provide shelter to people who need, Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana is a blessing. Our government has launched a number of schemes for our goodness. Pradhan Mantra Aawas Yojana is one of the major schemes for a happy India.

Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana was started in 2015 to help people who cannot afford to build their houses on their own. Till now, many people have been benefitted from this scheme and many more are going to have it in nearby future. If you too want to know about how to register for Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana, you’re at the right place.

Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana was started for rural as well as urban phases on 25th June 2015. PMAY is a 7-year scheme which will worth Rs. 439.22 Billion. People of age 70 can even apply for this scheme.

Those who earn less than 3 LPA can apply for Pradhan mantra Aawas Yojana. For Economically Weaker Section (EWS) the limit is 3 LPA and for Low Income Group (LIG), limit is 6 LPA.

Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana can be divided into two parts

1. Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana Gramin
2. Pradhan Mantri Aawas yojana Urban

Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana

As stated above, this scheme is for EWS and LIG, you get 4% off on loan amount of 9 Lakhs and on a loan amount of 12 Lakhs, 3% off is given. Under this scheme, 33% homes in the rural area have been benefitted.
You can even avail a loan for the renovation of your home. On a loan amount of 2 Lakhs, 3% off is waived. The main objective of this scheme is to provide shelter to needy people.

Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana can be divided into three terms

Phase 1: Starting from April 2015, the government targeted 100 cities to build homes. This phase ended in March 2017.
Phase 2: Over 200 cities were benefitted under this phase starting from April 2017 and finished on March 2019.
Phase 3: The last leg of Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana started in March this year and will be finished in 2022. Remaining cities will be covered under this tenure.

How to Apply for Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana?

If you fall under economically weak section or under EWG/LIG, then only you can avail benefits from this scheme. You don’t need to visit offices to get your loan approved.
1. Visit
2. From the menu, navigate to Citizen Assessment.
3. Select the suitable option from
A. For Slum Dwellers
B. Benefit under other 3 component
4. After entering your Aadhar number, you can fill the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana form.
Make sure to save and print the application to keep tracking in future.

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