how to send large files through Gmail

Everyone is using Gmail as it is now mandatory to have a Gmail account if you are a android phone user and android users are more than ios user. Yes it is mandatory to have a Gmail account to run Google play store from which you can download apps in android phone.

If you are using Gmail to send email then you must be aware that you can send attachment in mail upto 15mb only. In this article we will teach you how to send Large Files  through Gmail and you without using any third party tool or site. So without wasting more time lets get jump to the article How to Send Large Files through Gmail in detail.


Google has lots of services to the Google users like YouTube, Google maps, Google photos and more. Among these Google drive is also a service of Google which providers online storage of 15Gb for free.

In this article we will use Google drive to send large image in Gmail using Google drive

Steps to Send Large Files through Gmail

Step 1: – Firstly login to your Gmail account and click on compose to compose and email. After that a dialogue box will be opened. Write the mail sentences that you want to send to the person.

Step 2: To send large file through Gmail click on the Google drive symbol

Step 3: As you on Google drive symbol, you will see a new tab wherein the top you will find different modes to attach your files.

Step 4: You have to select any of them according to your purpose. For example, click on Upload.

Step 5:  drag the file which you want to send or select the file from its drive location.

Step 6: After selecting the file, click on open to complete the selection process and put the file in the queue.

Step 7: After putting the file in the queue section you need to click on the upload tab

Step 8: As your file gets uploaded click on send and the activity to email large attachments with Gmail is completed in easy through Google Drive.

Wrapping Up

How you like the tutorial on how to send large files through Gmail. If you had any issue in following the article feel free to use comment section our team will help you. 

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