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With most of the companies practicing “work from home” during the last few months, the need for an effective remote desktop software has risen exponentially. If you are an IT person and you spend most of your time resolving tech queries, an efficient and secure remote support software was crucial long before COVID-19 has hit us.  On the other side, many companies have recognized the need for remote desktop software only now. In this article we will shed a light on ISL Light, one of the best performing remote desktop software, explain how it works and present its strong and less strong points.

What a Remote Desktop software really is?

Before we proceed, let us clear out the basics. A Remote desktop software allows a user to connect to a remote computer or server remotely instantly and take full control of it in order to help a client solve their tech issues or do the regular maintenance work on a remote computer (unattended access). A quality remote desktop software is easy to use and does not require any firewall or security changes of a local or remote system.

Why Remote Desktop software is used?

Today mostly all services and our work are running on computers. Smaller and bigger computer systems and networks need regular maintenance, while employees and customers need support.

Helpdesk centers and IT technicians use remote desktop software to troubleshoot issues fast from their office or their home no matter where the problems arise. It saves them time and adds to the customer satisfaction.

ISL Light Remote Desktop Software

ISL Light is the go-to product for companies of any size that search for a professional and secure remote desktop tool. ISL Light uses the 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication and is widely used in government offices, banks, and hospitals. It is a user-friendly remote software with rich remote support and remote access features. To bigger enterprises, it offers OEM white-labels and abundant customization options.

Within a few seconds we can connect to any server and remotely manage the systems. Excitingly, we can connect to unlimited users, view or share screen and transfer files. ISL Light also offers multi-monitor support, video call, session recording and other significant features.

We can run ISL Light remote desktop software on Windows, Mac, Linux computers, and even on mobiles. The mobile application is included in the license for free. It is a robust and comprehensive desktop software, offered as a cloud or on-premises solution.

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ISL Online


The ISL Light connection is stable and works fast. Quick settings in the toolbar allow us to toggle easily between speed or quality optimized view. This way we can adjust the view according to the network connection we are experiencing.


ISL Light includes all key remote desktop features, such as screen sharing, session recording, multi-monitor support, whiteboard tools and a videocall, while it also covers more demanding scenarios, offering the external authentication, wake on LAN, blackscreen, connection via RDP and other useful features. By turning on the Administrative mode we can reboot a remote system and restart it without losing the connection. ISL Light includes its proprietary live chat software, which is included in the license and allows a client to start a remote desktop session directly from a live chat just by clicking a URL link.

With 256-bit AES encryption and 2048-bit RSA keys applied ISL Light ticks most demanding security checkboxes.

Mobile device support for Android, iOS, and Windows-based phones is also provided.

How to start ISL Light?

There are many ways to start a remote connection through ISL Light. We will describe one of the easiest methods.

Download ISL Light and login. If you do not have an account, create it. You will only need a valid email.

Invite your client to join a remote desktop session by typing in the unique session code here: or send them a unique URL link in an email or live chat.


  • ISL Light is an easy-to-use remote desktop software allowing many ways to connect.
  • The licensing plan does not limit the number of users and end-points. It also permits unlimited installations.
  • ISL Light offers many useful features and they all work
  • Their customer support is quick to respond. You can contact customer support via online chat or phone.
  • A reliable and highly secure software
  • Available in 28 languages


  • Although a free trial is available, it does not offer the free version of the software.
  • Remote printing is quite complicated.

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