Some historical people and events are in every Assassin’s Creed game. These are some of the best historical people in Odyssey.

Stories that mix fact and fiction: The Assassin’s Creed series is famous for how each game mixes facts about our past with stories that are made up. There are new ways to get into the world of our past in every game, but some dramatic license is also used. People can travel through different old civilizations and meet the people who made history (or sometimes changed it).

In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, famous Greek and Spartan figures come to life, and parts of their lives are based on real events. Of course, not everything is based on real events, and Ubisoft has changed a lot of things in the game to fit the story they have given. Many famous people from history are cleverly woven into Kassandra’s story, and they all play a big part in her fight against the Cult of Kosmos.

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