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You finally decided to get that bespoke suit you’ve always wanted. However, there may be a few things you aren’t prepared for when seeking out the best Bangkok tailor to craft you a custom suit. Follow this guide so you know what to expect.

Here are the 10 things you should do before going to the Bangkok Tailor

  1. Do Your Research

Make sure you find a good tailor in Bangkok before you get there. Do some research beforehand and get recommendations from friends or online forums. Check reviews too. This will give you a shortlist to visit once you land. It also helps you figure out prices so you set a reasonable budget.

  1. Realize- Bespoke Takes Time 

You can certainly get a custom-made suit within a few days from many excellent Bangkok suit tailors. However, true bespoke with multiple fittings takes longer – usually a couple of weeks or more. Have realistic expectations so you don’t end up rushed or disappointed.

  1. Understand Price Differences

Bangkok tailor shops range from small family-run operations to high-end international brands. Prices vary greatly, so clarify costs upfront. Bespoke starts around $300 but can reach $1,000+. Know your budget and ask exactly what it includes before committing.

  1. Bring Ideas and Inspiration

Whether visiting a small tailor or luxury brand, bring magazine clippings, photos, or even a favorite garment as inspiration. This gives your tailor design ideas and shows the styles and finishes you like. It gets you the ultimate custom-made suit.

  1. Expect Multiple Fittings

To achieve the perfect fit and silhouette, even off-the-rack suits require tailoring. So, a bespoke suit demands several fittings to ensure flawless measurements and adjustments. Be ready to have at least two fittings, sometimes more – all part of getting that personal custom garment.

  1. Choose Your Fabrics Wisely 

From super 100s wool to silk to linen, the best Bangkok tailor offers endless fabrics to thumb through. Take your time selecting materials that suit your climate and lifestyle back home. Also, consider long-lasting fabrics like 100% wool. Your investment piece should last years with proper care.

  1. Style It Right

Most tailors in Bangkok’s fabric districts can craft classic suit styles like single- or double-breasted, two- or three-piece. Bring magazine clippings of suits you admire to replicate silhouettes and tiny details. This ensures you get the most stylish custom garment for your needs.

  1. Check Reviews and Credentials 

With literally thousands of tailor shops in Bangkok, quality varies immensely. Seek out experienced tailors with reputable reviews rather than the first ones you stumble upon. Ask how long they’ve been operating and check online feedback. This helps in avoiding disappointments.

  1. Know Your Measurements

Accuracy is everything for bespoke tailoring. Have a cloth tape measure handy? Use it to note vital measurements – chest, waist, sleeves, shoulders, neck, pant length, etc. Precise measurements get you the perfect custom suit. Jot them in centimeters or inches as preferred by your tailor.

  1. Relax and Enjoy!

Commissioning a tailored suit in Bangkok should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. Allow plenty of time for shop visits, fittings, and decisions without hurry. Try out some of the delicious local cuisine between appointments. Most importantly, have fun crafting your dream bespoke suit to take home.

Lifelong Passion

Finding the perfect bespoke suit in Bangkok can turn into a lifelong passion. Once you experience custom-made clothing tailored specifically for your body, it may be hard to go back to off-the-rack.

So don’t be surprised if your visit to a renowned Bangkok tailor leaves you planning your next trip back. Or you may find yourself researching custom shirtmakers or shoemakers for your next bespoke garment. Bangkok offers reasonable prices for top-quality materials and craftsmanship that are hard to beat.

You can build an entire customized wardrobe over multiple visits. Or even have your tailor ship pieces internationally once you return home. Just beware – bespoke clothing can become highly addictive! Before you know it, you have a closet full of beautifully tailored garments thanks to Bangkok’s expert suit and garment tailors.


Getting a custom-made suit in Bangkok offers exceptional value while giving you a memento that lasts decades. Just prepare properly before visiting a Bangkok tailor using these insider tips. With realistic expectations set, the process of finding the best tailor in Bangkok for your perfect bespoke suit will go smoothly. Before you know it, you’ll have new stunning garments tailored exactly for you that you can treasure for years.


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