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When a company decides to take its business to a higher level, it needs to significantly increase the number of users of its website or web application. After all, the company’s website is its business card for users. During the visit, the customer creates certain impressions that influence the likelihood of further cooperation or purchase. 

Microsoft.NET Framework Overview

Before you can create a successful website, you need to decide which framework to use and which company to outsource the development process to create a website that meets your conditions and requirements. One of these frameworks is Microsoft.NET Framework, which allows you to develop websites and web applications of the right quality and level. This technology enables fast, high-quality applications.  

The world-renowned software company Microsoft has developed an efficient and productive framework that allows you to create scalable and reusable platforms. Additionally, .NET Framework is used to develop software in various ecosystems. Therefore, this framework is the perfect platform to facilitate your work by connecting MVS structures and Web APIs, while also providing the ability to create high-quality functionality for your website or web application.  

.NET software development company Appgenix has a large team of developers with extensive experience in this framework, helping any startup with bold ideas. will help you achieve this.  

Why use the.NET Framework for web development?

Below, we will take a closer look at 7 important reasons why most developers use this framework when building websites and his web applications.

Autonomy from the platform:

The.NET Framework has full support for all platforms, so you can create many types of web applications on any platform. Mobile applications developed using the.NET Framework allow developers to maintain multiple operating systems (Windows, Android, etc.).

Providing multilingual support and resources:

The.NET Framework supports over 40 programming languages, giving you complete freedom in choosing the language you use for your web applications. Another advantage is the fast process and library base that provide resources for web development.


Thanks to the “Four Cities” feature, the.NET Framework is considered the most reliable platform for web development. This feature allows you to build the most secure software that is scalable and compatible.

  • The platform is consistent, and parts and code can be reused by applying different problems.
  • The .NET Framework is highly secure and allows scalability with a variety of workloads.
  • This framework is already popular due to its reliability, influencing a number of user groups and gaining credibility among web developers.  
  • The.NET Framework provides high stability and fast loading for websites and web applications. Therefore, the “4 cities” feature has valuable advantages.  

Development Cost:

The development environment is completely mixed. The focus is on economic efficiency. This framework was built using Microsoft’s IDE (known as VS Express). Therefore, this is the best choice for beginners. 

Tools and editors used

Although the .NET Framework is supported by various IDEs (integrated development environments), it is only available in Microsoft Visual Studio. Moreover, this service is paid and offers a wide range of features and the opportunity to use the most flexible IDE. This may seem difficult for beginners to understand.  


Some web developers using the.NET Framework share their experiences and highlight their pain points. They tried to publish all possible questions from users who got stuck during development. This community has web developers who can help you solve your problems.

Why use the.NET Framework?

When businesses need web applications or digital solutions, hiring a development outsourcing company is the best option. While the .NET Framework can solve many problems at various stages of product development, companies can use it to implement interactive services. It may seem complicated where this framework should be applied. Therefore, the most relevant areas for project development are listed below.  

  • Application for desktop electronic devices. Organizations can leverage the framework’s infrastructure to build web applications that perform integrated operating system processing and provide modern interfaces.  
  • Web application. ASP.NET is ideal for developing websites with responsive user interfaces. Additionally, organizations can access a wide range of applications from a variety of operating systems.  
  • Machine learning. Special tools have been created for developing interactive games of various genres (strategy, adventure, etc.) using the .NET Framework.  
  • Internet of Things (IoT). This is the actual update to his web application. The programming framework is hosted on the Internet of Things and built using the versatile Windows platform. .NET also offers developers customizable add-on solutions for microservices, cloud development, mobile apps, and more. However, its user-friendly framework has many advantages compared to other development tools.  

From the above, it is clear in which cases this framework is most appropriate and practical.  


There are many feature innovations in the Microsoft .NET Framework, and software technology is advancing rapidly. Currently, it is a major one and is used by various organizations for web development. This framework helps in achieving scalability, dynamic and efficient operation of the developed products. 

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