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Whenever a project is started, everyone desires professional results. Titan, a spraying technology pioneer, produces and sells a complete line of professional-grade sprayers for applying a variety of coatings. Titan offers airless and air-powered paint sprayers, fine finishing sprayers, texture sprayers, roofing material, corrosion management, soundproofing, preventive coatings, and line stripers for athletic grounds and pavement. Titan Paint Sprayer has been relied on by contractors and maintenance professionals for more than 50 years to provide exceptional, beginning-to-end solutions that are reliable and straightforward to use.

How Titan Paint Sprayers Offer Professional Grade Results?

  • Multiple Environment Usage

Paint sprayers work in virtually every environment and application, and have been shown to provide an advantage in residential and commercial applications, as well as field marking, pavement marking, protective coatings, and other areas. It is a sprayer that can be used in multiple environments. You don’t have any restriction to use it in limited areas. 

  • Increased Productivity

Paint sprayers enable contractors to significantly increase productivity, up to ten times faster than a brush and roller system, and are ideal for spraying both small and large projects in a fraction of the time required by other methods. Simply pull the trigger and let the pump and spray gun do the work.

  • Easily Movable

Getting around a project site with heavy gear can be difficult and even dangerous – but not for contractors who utilize Titan paint sprayers. Pneumatic tires are standard on many of Titan’s industry-leading sprayers, making navigating a snap. When you are busy completing your project, you feel it is really difficult to move the sprayer from one place to another. But in the case of the Titan paint sprayer, it is really easy to do.

  • Powerful Paint Sprayers

Titan Sprayers has always been known to develop the toughest and most powerful paint sprayers in the industry to assist serious contractors in getting the job done right. Power is what matters the most. In any project, success is highly dependent on the power of the paint sprayer. Because speed is directly proportional to the power. 

  • Titan Team Support

If you buy a Titan paint sprayer, Titan supports its customers to get fully professional results. The Tech team is always ready to support the customers. It provides a manual for any kind of required help and details regarding the maintenance of Titan sprayer parts. The Titan Connector allows you to check the coating and sprayer compatibility of the sprayer or its parts.

  • Best Return On Investment

Boost the power, speed, and control of a Titan electric airless paint sprayer, which is intended to get the job done perfectly the first time. Titan is the smart business solution for best-in-class ROI and dedicated assistance whenever you need it. It is built for optimum endurance. Everybody wants fruitful results for their investment and this is what Titan Paint Sprayer does for you. 

What To Do To Gain Complete Professional Results With The Help of Titan Paint Sprayer?

It is important to notice that you may have professional machinery with the best features but if you don’t use it perfectly then you will never achieve the required results. So here are the tips on how to achieve professional results using Titan Paint Sprayer. 

  • Choose the Paint According to Need of the Project

The main things in any painting project are the sprayer and the paint. You have the right sprayer with you but now you have to choose the right paint as well. Never compromise on the quality of the paint. Because it is what will produce beautiful results with the help of Titan paint sprayer.

  • Cleaning the Surface To Be Painted

If you paint an uncleaned surface then the result is always poor. Because all the dust or particles present on the surface stick with paint and stay there forever. So prepare the surface before starting to paint. Remove any loose paint present there. So that you get a smooth finish. 

  • Practice Makes A Man Perfect

If you’re new to using a Titan paint sprayer, then don’t get stressed. You need some practice before getting perfect results. If it is your first project then maybe it would be difficult to produce professional results. Controlling the pressure and the flow rate is dependent on the perfect grip of the person who is painting. 

  • Making The Right Adjustments

There are multiple settings in a Titan paint sprayer. Being familiar with all the settings needs experience and expertise. But you should know the basic adjustments that could be required during painting. These adjustments are required to maintain the flow rate and consistency. Or maybe you need to change the pattern. 

  • Avoid Uneven Coverage

All you need in a professional-grade project is smooth painting results. So for smooth and good results, you need to have the correct distance between the sprayer and the surface to be painted. Furthermore, you should avoid streaks by overlapping each pass up to 50 percent. 


In Conclusion, If you have a Titan Paint Sprayer with you, no one can beat you in producing a professional result. Because the excellent manufacturing of Titan Paint Sprayer makes it easy to achieve perfect results. But you also have to follow some tips to use the sprayer perfectly. It is not compulsory that you have a good sprayer and without knowing its proper usage, you will be able to produce the best results. 

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