new CBS App on my Rok

The CBS sports app provides you with front row-access to the sports leagues like NFL, UEFA champions and Europa leagues, The masters, The PGA championship along with which you can also select PGA tour events, SEC football, NCAA basketball, WNBA, National women’s soccer league and many more like this.

To watch all these leagues you have to activate the CBS app on your device, and in this guide today we are going to tell you to activate it on your Roku device using CBS com TV Roku activation code. 

On the CBS sports app you will also get to avail daily fantasy shows such as Fantasy Football today, daily expert betting, highlights of top moments, 24/7 live sports news and much more that too absolutely free of cost.

Along with this you will also get access to pregame and postgame coverage of the major events which are there on CBS, highlighted with CBS sports HQ for you so that you can enjoy them even if you haven’t watched the entire game.

Activate CBS sports on your Roku device in simple steps

Watching CBS sports network on your Roku device is pretty simple and for it you just need to read as well as follow the instructions carefully which have been offered to you below.

To begin with you should ensure if you have firm internet connectivity on your device or not, and once you are sure about it you should get to the next step.

  • In this step, you are supposed to perform the hardware setup for your Roku streaming player and should check if the cables are in good condition to use.
  • Once the set up has been finished for tv roku you should immediately connect your Roku device to the internet network connection.
  • After you are done connecting to the internet you should activate your Roku for which you must link it to your Roku device and then login into your account you have.
  • Move to the home screen of Roku from where further move ahead to the channel store on Roku, on the channel store look for channel of CBS which is CBS sports network.
  • Download the application as well as install it on your Roku device, following which visit the option of my channels.
  • Under my channels you will get to find the CBS channel you just installed in the channel list.
  • You should click on CBS and then you must create an account of your own on the channel.
  • Open the channel, and for activation visit https://www/ page on your browser where you should see an activation code.
  • Fill in the code and successfully get done with activating and once activation is done you can start watching the sports league or the sports content you want on your Roku device and enjoy it.
  • Get to find out more about CBS sports or about Roku through the website waybinary and get to learn something new and app up something more to your knowledge about these platforms.

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