Manchester is one of the popular cities among students from all corners of the world. Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Manchester, and the Royal Northern College of Music are the three Universities located in Manchester.

After getting enrolled in a university or college in Manchester, students need to look for a place for their accommodation. For this purpose, many students want to stay in the best area in this city. Here, you will read some things you need to know about the best area in Manchester.

The Best Area in Manchester

In fact, it will not be right to declare a particular area as the best area in Manchester. Several areas can be considered the best. We can take one example in this regard in this article.

“Chester Street” is one of the best areas in Manchester where you can live. Excellent accommodations can be found here for students. Besides, you find the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University here. If you are living in this area, you can reach within less than five minutes to these Universities on foot from your  student accommodation Manchester .

Nearest Bus Station from Chester Street

This area is well-connected with the public transport system in Manchester. The nearest bus station is just within walking distance of 10 minutes from here. So, you can visit fun places, places for sightseeing, etc. easily if you stay here.

What You Can Enjoy Near This Place

There are some standup comedy clubs here, which you can enjoy here. So, you can get excellent entertainment here.

Student Housing Property at Chester Street

At Chester Street, you can book accommodation in a student housing property named “ New Medlock House Manchester ”. This is the housing property with a plethora of brilliant amenities for studies, leisure, etc. for students.

From New Medlock House, you can reach the University of Manchester within 4 minutes and Manchester Metropolitan University within just 1 minute on foot.

New Medlock House offers three types of accommodations to students: ensuite rooms, non-ensuite rooms, and studios. An ensuite room is a room for a single person and you get a private bathroom & toilet here. You need to use a shared kitchen if you rent an ensuite room. A non-ensuite room is also a room for a single person, but you need to use a shared bathroom if you book it. The kitchen is also shared by the residents of non-ensuite rooms. A studio can also be occupied by one person and it includes an ensuite bathroom and a shared kitchen.

The Weekly prices of ensuite rooms in the property are £191, £215, £206, and £225. You can get non-ensuite rooms at the Weekly Rents of £164, £169, £190, and £200. A studio can be acquired at £190 per week.

All the accommodation units in New Medlock House have study desks & chairs for the focused and comfortable studies of students. A Wi-Fi internet connection can also be found so you can connect your laptops, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and smart TVs to the internet for your studies, communication, online shopping, entertainment, etc. You also get a study room where you can study with full concentration in a calm environment. A printing machine is also available on the property to print your CVs, assignments, etc.

For leisure, you get a pool table here to play the friendly matches of the pool with your co-residents. A common area is also here, which allows you to meet other residents and befriend them.

There are facilities for cleaning the rooms, washing the clothes, etc. on this property. A vacuum cleaner is provided to students to clean dust from the floors, spider webs from the walls & roofs, etc.

For dining, you find a cooking hob and a microwave in your kitchen to cook and heat the meals. A fridge is also available in each unit here to cool the water & other liquids, keep the edibles fresh, freeze the ice & ice cream, etc.

You get a heating facility here for the winter season. A bicycle storage space is available in New Medlock. CCTV cameras are installed in New Medlock House.


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