St. Louis, an independent city in the US state of Missouri, is one of the renowned destinations among international students. This city is found near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Several universities and colleges are available here among which major universities for domestic/international students are Harris-Stowe State University, Saint Louis University, and Washington University in St. Louis. Housing is a major thing that students need after enrolling in a university/college in St. Louis. Here, you will get information on the price as well as more things about student house in St. Louis.

Average Price of Student House in St. Louis

The average price of student housing St. Louis is $850 – $1,600 per month. There are accommodations available in St. Louis at different prices for international students.

Different Prices of Accommodations in St. Louis

When you enroll in St. Louis, your priority should be quality student accommodation. The lowest price of quality student accommodation St. Louis is $850/month. You can get accommodation at this price in a student house in St. Louis property named “West Pine Lofts”. This property offers accommodation at $995/month and $1,005/month also. In West Pine Lofts, you can book a bedroom in an apartment.

“Verve St Louis” is another student housing property in St. Louis where you can book accommodation. You can book a bedroom in an apartment or a complete studio on this property. The lowest-priced accommodation is available on this property at $1,015/month. You can book an apartment’s bedroom at this price. The other prices of apartment accommodations here include $1,025/month, $1,040/month, $1,119/month, $1,175/month, and $1,560/month. Studios can be booked here at $1,365/month and $1,385/month.

“Everly on the Loop” is one more property where you can book a bedroom in a student apartment St. Louis. The lowest price of accommodation on this property is $1,165/month. Other prices on which you can find accommodation on this property include $1,240/month, $1,265/month, $1,270/month, $1,285/month, $1,320/month, $1,385/month, and $1,415/month.

What You Find Inside Student Housing in St. Louis

Mentioned above are the properties offering off campus student housing St. Louis. On these properties as well as apartments and studios inside them, you find numerous facilities for your studies, workouts, leisure, dining, etc. You find study desks and chairs in apartments and studios. A study room may also be found where you can study in a calm environment. All properties have Wi-Fi internet connections so you can connect the internet to your Wi-Fi-supported gadgets and accomplish your studies as well as other online tasks.

Both properties have fitness centers where you can visit for your workouts. The complex of West Pine Lofts also comprises a swimming pool for your leisure. You may also find a games room in your property for playing interesting games. Besides, you may also find a clubhouse for your socialization. You can also find a television with a cable connection.

There are also cooking arrangements house in St. Louis. Verve St Louis also has a BBQ.

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