Benefits of Considering Field Employee Tracking Software

Field employee tracking software is a one-stop solution to automate your workforce operations. It enables managers to monitor their field agents in real-time and improve the overall efficiency of businesses.

Imagine assigning tasks, keeping an eye on performance, and manually confirming the attendance of over a thousand workers. What a mess it would be! Field employee tracking software is one of the technological advancements that can be your saviour. From task allocation to performance analysis and workflow management, the software automates the overall operations. It enhances coordination between managers and field employees. Need more reasons to consider field monitoring software for your business? Keep reading this blog to find out!

Field Employee Tracking Software: An Overview

Field employee tracking software enables companies to track and monitor on-field employees and collect the required information. With this technology-driven software, managers can track the real-time tasks and progress of their field executives conveniently.

In addition to the above, field staff tracking software ensures efficient coordination between managers and field employees. Features like real-time tracking, order management, task assignment, and progress monitoring enable senior personnel to monitor the performance of their employees efficiently. Moreover, employees can verify their attendance through field management software with ease. Simply put, field monitoring software increases organisational efficiency by improving communication, tracking work, and offering access to real-time data about field employees.

Benefits of Field Employee Tracking Software

Field employee management software not only automates field operations but also increases overall business efficiency. Here are some key benefits of introducing this software to your company:

Monitor Field Employees:

Field employees work more efficiently under their managers supervision. Therefore, the software enables managers to track the location of field employees in real-time, which ensures accountability and improves operational visibility. Furthermore, real-time location allows managers to act promptly in emergency cases and assign the task to an alternative employee.

Improves Task Efficiency:

Field monitoring software maximises the task efficiency of both employer and employee. Assume you are calling your field workers every hour to get an update. Will it not impact work efficiency? The field management software provides real-time updates. As a result, managers can track the tasks and performance of their employees through the software. Furthermore, the software helps in allocating tasks efficiently to the employees based on their location and availability.

Minimise Errors and Paperwork:

Tracking employees manually can lead to errors or, sometimes, misplaced data. However, employee management software enables employees to add their tasks, enabling managers to monitor their performance with ease. Moreover, this technology-driven software eliminates the risk of data loss as it collects and stores the data of all employees in one place.

Time and Cost-Saving: 

When a manager assigns tasks on time and monitors their status continuously, employees tend to work more seriously. Moreover, the route optimisation feature of the software allows managers to assign the task to the closest field worker, who may have to travel less and can save on fuel costs.

Performance Analytics: 

Field employee management software allows businesses to automate workflows, identify the scope of improvement, and make data-driven decisions using real-time data on employee performances.

Workflow Automation: 

Field employee tracking software automates the entire workforce of businesses. From task assignment to order management, employee expense management and performance tracking, it is the one-stop software for all tasks. The software not only saves time but also minimises errors and improves overall workforce efficiency.

Why Consider TrackoField Employee Monitoring Software?

Among many employee management software available, TrackoField has become the popular choice of many established and leading brands. Here are some features of our field management software:

Employee Tracking Solutions: 

One of the great advantages of buying field staff tracking software is that it allows you to know the location of your executives in real-time. The employers can either implement a real-time employee tracking feature, a dynamic route distance calculator, or a live-work status monitoring feature to track their field employees.

Order Management Tool: 

Satisfying your customers is crucially important, especially in e-commerce and retail businesses where you need to manage orders and deliver them on time. As a result, field sales tracking software enables you to use the app to manage orders, approve them, and deliver them on time. Furthermore, businesses can foster long-lasting relationships by improving their after-sales services using the app.

Attendance Management System: 

TrackoField field employee management software makes it easier for employees to mark their attendance from anywhere with just one tap. The software supports a geo-coded attendance marking system, image-verified attendance marking, and shift-wise leave and attendance monitoring features.

Task Management Solutions: 

Maintaining a thousand tasks on multiple platforms for team and work coordination on a particular day sounds daunting. Isn’t it? This is where our software helps managers and executives by enabling them to create tasks on the app from anywhere.

Custom Fields and Forms: 

Customised forms reduce paperwork and confusion for executives and field agents. Henceforth, companies can create customised information-based or survey forms as per the task requirement of their staff with our field employee tracking software.

Expense Management Software: 

TrackoField field management software automates expense reimbursement for employees. They upload bills and receipts to the app, and later on track the status in real-time. The expense management solution offers features like category-wise categorisation of expenses, multi-level approval, and automatic travel expense calculation.


To conclude, field employee tracking software provides multifaceted solutions for businesses. It automates operations by offering features such as real-time employee tracking, efficient task management software and order management, attendance monitoring, customizable forms, and automated expense management. An easy-to-use field staff tracking software by TrackoField will enhance overall efficiency, minimise errors, and ensure seamless coordination in field operations.

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