Helldivers 2 Weapons

Arrowhead Game Studios brings an expanded and refined arsenal to the battlefield in the critically acclaimed strategic shooter Helldivers 2. On hostile alien worlds where life is a constant line of pushing back enemies, knowing your weaponry is the edge between victory and utter defeat. In this in-depth guide to the 10 top Helldivers 2 weapons that every Helldiver should master and also how to use team weapons.

10 Best Helldivers 2 Weapons

1. Railgun (Stratagem)

The Railgun is revered for its precision and destructive power, securing its status as a top-tier weapon. Even though it has received a decrease in armor penetration, the capability to deal extremely powerful single-shot damage makes it a class weapon. It has a short charge time before firing, meaning it suits the sharpshooters and assures one of the best Helldivers 2 weapons.

Tactical Usage

  • Aim for headshots to maximize damage.
  • Ideal for taking down high-priority targets from a distance.

2. Arc Thrower (Stratagem)

The Arc Thrower chains its enemies to an electrical discharge. This would take skillful use to be able to unleash crowd control. Great for being able to hold your enemies at bay, its chain lightning effect can generally affect the direction of battle.

Tactical Usage

  • Effective in thinning out enemy swarms.
  • Be cautious of its tendency to leap to allies.


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3. Grenade Launcher (Stratagem)

Grenade Launcher is great for eliminating medium-tier enemies, and this weapon is perfect against the fortifications of enemies. Its flexibility continues to feature as part of the arsenal for any helldiver. The Launcher will be good to use against tight groups of enemies located in close proximity.

Tactical Usage

  • Use for area denial and clearing out enemy fortifications.
  • Exercise caution to avoid friendly fire.

4. Breaker Shotgun

The Breaker Shotgun, even with its recent readjustments in recoil and clip size, has been an effective weapon system between short and medium-range fire among Helldivers 2 weapons. It demands the utmost discipline to use the gun. It also allows for semi-automatic firing and saving ammo while remaining effective in the heat of battle.

Tactical Usage

  • Adjust to semi-automatic fire to conserve ammo.
  • Dominates in close to mid-range combat scenarios.

5. Sickle

The Sickle, being an energy-based assault rifle, is an excellent automatic gun for quick elimination of enemies in a row. The capacity to have infinite ammunition is, in one word, a hack. Control the level of heat, not letting the weapon overheat; and engaging the enemy at a distance optimal are best suited for this type of weapon.

Tactical Usage

  • Monitor heat levels to avoid overheating.
  • Engage at mid-range for optimal performance.

6. Redeemer Pistol

The Redeemer Pistol is a quick secondary weapon of enemy neutralization, perfect quick reflexes, or when the amount of primary weapon ammunition is very low. The handgun was purpose-made for quick takedowns, so the Helldiver would never be without an option.

Tactical Usage

  • Ideal for emergencies or when primary ammo is depleted.
  • Utilize for quick takedowns

7. High Explosive Grenade

This grenade has a powerful damage capability together with armor penetration that pierces the enemy’s formation. Effective against crowded, a precise balance between destructive power and safety.

Tactical Usage

  • Effective for clearing out entrenched enemies.
  • Aim carefully to maximize damage while minimizing the risk to allies.

8. Liberator Assault Rifle

This Assault Rifle is a versatile weapon and performs at its best in many situations in a fight. The balanced weapon is a favorite among all Helldivers 2 weapons and is very adaptable as it can adjust the fire modes with reference to the range of combat.

Tactical Usage

  • Adjust fire modes based on combat range.
  • An all-rounder that excels in versatility over specialization.

9. Spear (Stratagem) Rocket Launcher

The Spear Rocket Launcher is the king of anti-armor warfare, and it’s the best pick while engaging with tough Automaton enemies.

Tactical Usage

  • Unmatched firepower and devastating impact.
  • Reserve for the most heavily armored threats.
  • Coordination with teammates is key to maximizing its destructive potential.

Mastering Team Weapons in Helldivers 2

The Recoilless Rifle, Autocannon, and Spear are some of the team weapons that show absolute focus on cooperation in Helldivers 2. All these will need a thoroughly organized squad to use effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide for Team Reloading

  • Preparation: Ensure each team member is equipped with the corresponding ammo backpack for the selected team weapon.
  • Deployment: Assign the shooter and the support members, by positioning the support members in close proximity to the shooter for easy reloading.
  • Action: The supporters should initiate the reload when the shooter’s weapon is empty. It will be a very fast process of reloading.
  • Rotation: Implement a rotation system allowing all members to participate in both shooting and reloading, ensuring continuous firepower.
  • Communication – Keep lines of communication open during engagement for the latest in changing battlefield conditions.

Armed with the knowledge of the top 10 Helldivers 2 weapons and armed with some solid understanding of team weapon dynamics, you now have the tools necessary to meet the threats of the galaxy head-on.

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