Best Video Editing Apps

Video editing has become a good valid source of explaining things nowadays. People in their busy lives love to watch short catchy videos instead of reading a boring line. Video editing has also emerged as a good source of income for youngsters these days, there are various carriers available in video editing. All you need to have a best video editing app or software and BOOM! You can learn video editing easily.

There are plenty of video editing app available on the internet but which among of them is the best? Easy to use? And the most important has free video editor feature. Well, don’t worry much we have a list of best video editing apps which fulfills all these necessities.


Top 5 Video Maker App

  1. Inshot – It is the most common video maker app among memers. The meme universe has now shifted towards videos more. There are various video maker app which are specially designed for meme making. If you are looking for free but great video editing app then Inshot is a must go for you.
  2. Filmora Go – Filmora is a very powerful video editor app, it is also one of the best free video editing applications for android phones which will not place a watermark of its own, unlike Kinemaster. It helps you in creating all kinds of videos there are plenty of video templates available which makes your video editing more amazing. You can also share your videos using filmora with your friends on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp right away from the platform after completing your editing.
  3. Kinemaster – Kinemaster is one of the oldest video editing apps available in the country. If we look few years back it was the most common video editing app used by people. Kinemaster also has over 2500+ downloadable effects, stickers, music, transitions and templates also. The best part about Kinemaster is its video swapping and voice/m,music feature. The presets and volume envelope feature makes video editing on KineMaster super immersive and powerful. There’s an issue using kinemaster you have to buy some premium features like exporting video in 4K, removing watermark from videos.
  4. Alight Motion – It is also one of the best video App. Alight Motion has thousands of transitions which is the best part of it. If you are looking for making an aesthetic edit for your loved ones then alight motion is the best choice. It is easily available on play store and browser. The music adding feature in alight motion is also very nice.
  5. Viva Video – VivaVideo is also a free video editor app available for android devices. It comes with all the basic features which are needed for making videos. However, three are various advanced features that Viva Video a top contender in our top 5 list.

It has video editing features like making video edit from pictures using songs, editing video using transitions, merging a video to video, adding music to video, dubbing your videos and many more. Viva Video also features hundreds of amazing effects/ stickers/ clips/ music which can provide you an amazing video editing experience. You can directly share the edited video to social media platforms like Instagram, twitter, Facebook. whatsapp, etc.

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