Nowadays, major brands are popping up everywhere. Apart from launching physical stores, these brands also create temporary business locations with pop-up canopy tents. From providing emergency shelter to customers to generating brand awareness – brands use custom-printed pop-up tents in various ways.

These makeshift stores, typically located far away from the company’s head office or showroom, offer many advantages. Whether you operate a multinational corporation or a small retail store – owning a personalized pop-up tent can be hugely advantageous. 


Here are five benefits of using custom-printed pop-up tents to create temporary business locations 

  1. Convenient for the Brands, Convenient for the Customers

In the past, creating business locations involved a lot of work and expenses. You would have to rent commercial spaces, paint the new location, invest in decorations, etc. With pop-up canopy tents – there’s no need for business owners to go through all that hassle. These pop-up canopy tents can be set up, taken down, and transported within minutes.

Brands can easily set up temporary promotional zones in locations frequented by their target audiences. Audiences also find the process of engaging with brands to be more convenient when it’s held inside safe, clean tents. Brands can easily create clean, hygienic, and isolated zones for their customers with custom-printed pop-up tents.

  • Expand Your Company’s Seating Options 

This benefit specifically applies to restaurants, cafes, and other service-oriented businesses. Due to social distancing regulations, most of these businesses can’t seat all customers within their brick-and-mortar premises. With pop-up tents, they can expand their seating areas outdoors while enforcing strict social distancing rules.

More seating area for the customers means fewer wait times. Both the restaurants and the customers benefit from using pop-up tents as additional sitting spaces.

  • Low-Cost, Long-Lasting Solutions

Many businesses plan to leave up their customized pop-up tents for long periods. They can do so because these tents are typically made of highly durable fabrics. The custom graphics on these tents (e.g., company name, logo, etc.) don’t fade due to rain. Overall, these robust tents are very long-lasting.

These endure a variety of weather conditions and give businesses long-term assistance. Businesses can also get discounts on their portable canopy tents if they order in bulk. For example, if they purchase 100 custom-printed canopy tents, they can get 50% or more in discounts!

  • Customizable

Business owners can customize their outdoor canopy tents to make them appear relevant and customer-friendly. A temporary business location with amazing high-quality graphics or positive marketing messages will reflect well on your brand. Users can also get canopy tents of different sizes, frames, etc. They can also upload any artwork they need and have it printed on their custom tents.

  • Boost Curb Appeal

According to a recent study, restaurants or cafes with sidewalk tents and outdoor seating spaces earn 30% more revenue. That’s because outdoor tents make the streets look more appealing. The more appealing your business location appears – the more customers it will attract. 

Overall, businesses that set up temporary business locations with custom-printed pop-up tents receive more customers and greater brand recognition!


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