Best Wordpress SEO Plugin

Whether you are a beginner or advanced the standard go-to plugin for search engine optimization is Yoast SEO if you are looking for the best WordPress SEO plugin. With over 5 million active installations it must be #1

But the reality is, there are alternatives that might be better.

WordPress continues to evolve. And as it does, so will the plugins. Search engine optimization plugins of today offer far beyond the standard “optimize title tag and meta description.” In fact, they offer very advance machine learning. So the question is… which one will you use?

List of Best WordPress SEO Plugin

1. Yoast SEO for WordPress

This plugin comes either as a free version or as Yoast SEO premium. It is considered one of the best WordPress SEO plugin out there. Page titles, URLs, content quality, and more are all very manageable by this plugin.

Yoast SEO features:

  • Easy to set up XML sitemaps
  • Context detection. Uses context to determine what a
  • Social Previews

With social previews, you can check what your post will look like on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Premium Version Perks:

  • Local SEO
  • Video SEO 

2. All In One SEO Pack

This plugin doesn’t have the popularity of Yoast SEO but it is quite popular as well. It also has both a free and premium version. Unlike the previous plugin, it doesn’t offer a focus keyword. One handy feature is it provides a snippet to easily find out how your meta description and title look like before you post. Features like these are something to look for in the best SEO WordPress plugins. Be sure to include your main keyword in both title and description if you want to optimize your blog post for search engines.

This plugin has 2 million+ active installations.  

All in one SEO features:

  • Htaccess editor
  • txt editor
  • Bad bot blocker

The modular design of this plugin allows you to add features like the bad bot blocker or robots.txt with ease.

All in one SEO is more lightweight. The modular design of the plugin allows you to delete and add features. So if you have a lot of plugins on your site already, you only have to use what’s necessary.

All in one SEO Premium

  • Video sitemaps
  • SEO for Taxonomies
  • Advanced Woocomerce

3. The SEO Framework Plugin

SEO framework plugin is all about simplicity and is considered one of the best SEO WordPress plugins.

You can hover over the SEO bars items to see very easily how to improve. Very simple mistakes may get overlooked and this added feature is very helpful.

The plugin focuses on a subject instead of a keyword. Writers are then encouraged to write in a more natural way.

This plugin uses AI to handle keywords. For example, you added a subject like the best SEO in India and selected synonyms for one or more words.


While it’s a great plugin what’s not good about it?

It’s a great plugin for intermediate to advanced users. They already can take their knowledge from previous plugins and start writing naturally in this one. The SEO Framework will appeal to professionals and agencies due to how advanced it is.

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4. SEOPress

SEO press is a freemium plugin developed by Benjamin Denis. He also created WP cloudy. SEO Press allows you to control page titles, XML, HTML sitemaps, and social media shares. It also lets you edit robots.txt and .htaccess

The paid version of this plugin will cost $39

The UI/UX of this plugin is extremely intuitive and user friendly

On the top of the page, you’ll suggestions on how you can improve your SEO. This dashboard might come in handy.

SEOPress SEO features:

SEO Press PRO features ($39):

  • Support for an unlimited number of websites
  • Google analytics stats in the dashboard
  • 404 monitoring
  • Ensure google business data is displays in maps

5. Rankie

This plugin will monitor your rankings with WordPress. It’s a professional SEO’s dream. The bad part is that it comes at cost $21

The plugin even suggests additional terms you might want to rank for.

Rank features:

  • Rank via google
  • Email Daily Rank Report
  • Unlimited Keyword Tracking

The next plugin is not considered an all-in-one SEO plugin but it’s a great addition to your SEO plugin repertoire.

6. Broken Link Checker

With 400,000 installs you know this plugin is good. Definitely worthy of the best WordPress SEO plugin. As you add more and more content you’ll notice that it’s hard to keep track of things that break. Unfortunately, one of them may be broken links. Easily check your content for broken links and missing images. It’s nice to know that there’s a plugin watching your back.

Broken Link Checker Features:

  • Detect non working links
  • Option to prevent search engines from following 404’s
  • Monitor links in posts, pages, comments, custom fields

7. Monster Insights

You can analyze your website’s analytics straight from your WordPress dashboard. Have you heard of Google Analytics? Most likely. The trouble is that you have to open up another tab to dissect your analytics. By installing this plugin you’ll have all your user data as soon as you login to WordPress.

Monster insights Features:

  • Page views
  • Top Posts
  • Country of origin
  • Popular Products


These are the best WordPress SEO plugin.

Your needs will ultimately determine your plugin choice. If you’re an agency then you might decide to switch to something adventurous. But if you’re an intermediate SEO it might make sense to stick with what’s most popular.

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