how to block a domain in outlook

Everyday we receive numerous of unwanted mails in our Outlook inbox. These mails can disturb you while you are busy doing some important piece of work. Personally, I myself have the habit of checking outlook mails on a regular basis and it sometimes becomes irritating getting such unwelcomed mails in my outlook inbox section.

Sometimes we receive such mails from a specific domain.

For example:


Suppose you are receiving unwanted mails from these users. So, instead of blocking each  of them one by one. You can block the entire domain i.e. from your outlook.

Deleting or blocking these sender’s one by one can be very time-consuming, so it is the best way to block a domain in outlook. So, all the mail’s you will receive from that particular domain will directly go into your junk section and you won’t have to delete it on a regular basis.

You can complete the how to block a domain in outlook process via using Outlook on your desktop or in the web version.

Here’s a full step to step guide for blocking a domain in web outlook.

To block a domain in Outlook on your web, you’ll have to make a change in your outlook’s Junk filter settings.

  • Select Settings > View all Outlook settings.
  • Now select the mail button
  • Now click on the mail button.
  • Select junk mail option.
  • If you want to block a particular email address, then enter the email address in Blocked senders and select Add.
  • If you want to block a domain, enter the domain name in Blocked domains and select Add. You can type or just for blocking this particular domain.
  • Click on the save button.

All done! Now you won’t receive any mail from this sender domain, all of their mail will directly send to your junk list.

How to block a domain in outlook (desktop)

Blocking a domain in desktop version of outlook is as simple as doing it in the web version. You can follow the below mentioned steps

  • First of all, go to the Home tab, select the Junk drop-down menu in the Delete section of the ribbon.
  • Select the “Junk E-mail Options.”
  • Now, select the Block Senders tab. And click “Add.”
  • Enter the email or domain you want to permanently block as either “” or “” and click “OK.
  • Now, you can add more senders or domain in that list. You’ll then see those domains in your blocked senders list.
  • When you are finished, select “Apply” and “OK.”

All done! Now all the mails from that particular domain will directly reach your junk folder in Outlook.

IMPORTANT: All the domain or emails get automatically deleted in the next 14 days. So kindly remove it from the block list if you mistakenly blocked some important domain or email.

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