automation testing

5 Mistakes you must not commit for automation testing

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Recently the information technology industry has undergone several dynamic changes. These changes have played a major role in bringing forward various new perspectives and objectives for automation testing. All these objectives are targeted towards the new technologies that have emerged in recent years. These Technologies include SaaS applications, cloud-based services […]

netflix show

Top 5 Netflix Shows Ever Made

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This lockdown period has developed a new habit in everybody to watch shows on the OTT platforms, if we talk about platforms to watch shows Netflix stands on the top. Netflix has great shows to watch in almost every genre, from horror to sitcom to drama, action you`ll get everything […]

E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

Amplify Your Sales With These 5 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

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As new e-commerce platforms are popping up with every passing day, you need to set yourself apart to handle the competition. Having an excellent array of products and services is just not enough. You need to implement the right e-commerce marketing strategies to stay ahead. Making the website more user-friendly, […]