Guide to AC Maintenance

Having some of the hottest summers in the country it is very important for South Florida homeowners to understand how to maintain a properly running air conditioning unit. Having an efficient AC unit offers homeowners more than just comfort, an efficient air conditioning unit offers homeowners peace of mind as they operate to keep your indoor environment cool and comfortable without breaking the bank.

During the dog days of the summer homeowners will be running the air conditioning units to their fullest levels of efficiency. When your air conditioning unit is strained under these circumstances it is likely to experience some form of damage or maintenance issues. This can lead to outages and unlivable indoor temperatures. Not to mention the incredibly high costs that come with keeping a cool indoor temperature.

Homeowners can fight back against harsh summers and daunting electrical bills by giving their air conditioning unit regular maintenance. This will lead to higher levels of energy efficiency, cooler indoor temperatures, less strain on your home AC unit, and lower energy bills. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for Miami homeowners to survive the summer with their AC unit.

Change Air Filters

Homeowners should change their air filters every one to three months. This makes sure you are getting the best airflow possible in your home with no obstructions.  It also improves your home’s air quality. During the summer allergy season a clean air filter can strain out harmful pollutants and help you and your loved ones breathe easy.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Outdoor debris like leaves, branches, grass clippings, and twigs can all build up around your outdoor unit. These obstructions block air flow and make your unit work even harder. These leads to higher indoor temperatures and a more expensive energy bill Clearing debris from the area will create proper airflow for your air conditioning unit.

Inspect Seal and Air Leaks

Be sure to check your doors, windows, and ductwork for any leaks. This can leak in heat and let out much needed cool air.  Leaks can be sealed with caulk and will prevent any more cool air from escaping.

Monitor Your System

Be sure you are regularly monitoring your home air conditioning unit. Check things like air flow, temperature, and keep an eye out for any unusual odors or noises coming from the unit. These are all telltale signs of larger issues that may need professional help.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Responsible homeowners should schedule annual maintenance on their home air conditioning units. This allows trained professionals to make sure everything is running efficiently and allows them to catch any issues that could become major problems later on down the road.

These tips and tricks can be a reliever for Miami homeowners this summer.  From regular maintenance to system replacement, using these strategies will enhance your indoor comfort with hiking up your energy bills. By understanding your AC unit and following these steps Miami homeowners can have a cooler and more sustainable home for their loved ones.  Contact All Year Cooling for professional assistance, maintenance, repairs or upgrades to your home’s air conditioning unit. Our team of qualified HVAC technicians is dedicated to providing high quality service and expertise to meet all your cooling needs.

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