Teenage Girl Safe on Social Media

Life was probably simpler and safer when you were young. Perhaps you visited the mall with your friends or watched reruns of your favorite shows for fun as a teenager. However, the same cannot be said about your daughter’s generation. Today, children have too many leisure things to do. One of them is scrolling through social media.

This generation avoids having real-world experiences and remains glued to their phones. Since 2014, the number of teenagers using the Internet has doubled. Earlier, only 24% of teenagers were online, compared to 46% in recent years. 

However, social media applications are not safe for teenage girls. For instance, too much use can lead to mental health issues. In this blog, we’ll discuss three ways you can teach your teenage daughter to stay away from the dangers of social media use.

#1. Inform Them About the Dangers of Using Social Media

Did you know most social media apps generated USD 11 billion only from teenagers and children in 2022? How do you think that was possible? A few social media giants used advertising tactics and their unique, addictive algorithms to lure children for profit.

Due to this, many companies faced backlash. Recently, attorneys filed a federal lawsuit against Facebook (Meta).

According to TorHoerman Law, the plaintiffs claimed that Facebook usage led to mental health disorders among teenagers. They also claimed that the company intentionally harmed young users by using manipulative tactics to attract engagement.

This Facebook lawsuit aims to seek compensation for medical expenses and the breach of privacy without parental consent. Plaintiffs are eligible for payouts between USD 10,000 and USD 100,000 for such social media harm litigations.

Other than that, online predators on this platform can sexually exploit your daughter. Reports suggest that there are 500,000 active pedophiles on the internet. These monsters operate by pretending to be someone else to build relationships with underage girls.

Therefore, parents must be vocal about these issues. Inform your daughter about the lawsuit and the presence of ‘bad men.’ You can also monitor their social media usage without judgment. This way, you can figure out the ‘unknown’ people your daughter interacts with.

#2. Discuss the Frequency of Social Media Use

The developing adolescent brain is truly vulnerable. Psychology Today reports that a higher frequency of social media use can lead to addiction. It happens because your teen daughter will be allured by peer connection, validation, and attention.

Sometimes, communicating with friends online can help them build complex relationships. Your daughter can also learn social skills.

However, the constant need for online validation (through likes and comments) can be harmful to their development. You might also see your little girl insistently scrolling through social media apps without end.

These habits can lead to dramatic developmental and emotional changes. For instance, your teenager might become easily irritable and have low self-esteem. As a parent, you must recognize these vulnerabilities to help your child mature.

You can do that by limiting their social media usage to avoid excessive use. For instance, you can use the screen time settings to limit their access to such apps. Doing so will help teach your daughter about self-control. Moreover, you should prohibit screen time if it interferes with their sleep cycle.

By managing the frequency of social media use, you won’t make your teen dependent on these platforms for leisure.

#3. Set Up Guidelines for Your Daughter to Follow

You should keep an eye out for unhealthy social media usage. These include the following instances:

  • Online activity stops them from engaging in real-life social interactions.
  • They forget to do chores due to an inability to avoid checking their phone for social media updates.
  • Your daughter is using deceptive behavior to be online and post updates.
  • They’re experiencing a strong craving to check their accounts, even when they want to stop.

Therefore, parents need to set up guidelines if they see any of these signs. Some written rules can help your daughter become safe and responsible with their social media usage.

Consider this an agreement that encompasses the frequency of internet use. It should also contain the types of content your daughter posts online. Moreover, the guidelines should inform them about ways to protect their privacy by not sharing sensitive information.

In summary, social media usage can harm your daughter in many ways. For instance, predators can take advantage of their innocence. Similarly, excessive social media use can lead to a negative self-image.

Reports suggest that 54% of teenagers find it hard to give up social media. That’s why parents must set up guidelines informing them about the correct practices. These include not sharing private information or explicit photos with anyone. All these will help build boundaries, encourage real-life experience, and keep them safe.

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