How to Deactivate Instagram Account or Temporarily Disable Account

Social Media nowadays is a bane and a boon thing for everyone. We all love to notice things around us, we all love to get exposure of what’s happening in our surroundings. But this fun can become a pain. Yes, social media can be cruel sometimes.

If we talk about social media platforms, Instagram is at the top. Almost every Generation is on Instagram today. People spend their hours on scrolling Instagram feed. This has become an initial habit of people. To overcome from this and to focus on their main stream lives, people usually deactivate Instagram account, or disable their Instagram account.

If you are the one looking for how to deactivate Instagram account? Read the full blog to find answers.

Follow these steps to get to know how to disable Instagram account:-

  • First of all you cannot deactivate your account on Instagram application. For disabling your account. Go to browser on your phone or computer.
  • Now, login with your Instagram login credentials on the browser. You can use forget your password option for login if you don’t remember the login password.
  • Now the third step of how to deactivate Instagram account is to click on your profile.
  • On computer you will find the profile option on top right corner. And in Mobile it will be on bottom right corner.

  • Click on the ‘settings’ bar icon, on the left side top of your mobile screen.
  • Now select ‘Edit Profile’.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘temporarily disable my account’ option.

  • For disabling your account, you will need the password.
  • Select any of the given reasons for disabling your Instagram account. And click on temporarily disable my account.

  • Now, your account will be deactivated and you will be logged out of all the devices, in which you were previously logged in.
  • For activating your Instagram account again. You will just have to enter your Instagram login credentials for it.

I hope you got your answer of how to deactivate Instagram account in few easy steps. Follow us for more information like this.

Writer: R.V Shrivastava

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