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Looking for a way to overhaul your hotel or resort’s operations? Your first thought might not be upgrading your software – but perhaps it should be!

Here is what you need to know about the role of hospitality management system software in improving operations and customer service:

What is a Hotel Property Management System?

A hotel property management system is a type of software designed to manage the everyday operations of businesses in the hospitality industry. Also referred to as a PMS, property management software helps to streamline and simplify administrative tasks while boosting revenue and improving guest experience.

What Makes Good Hotel Property Management Software?

Hospitality Management System Software is available at a wide range of price points and with various capabilities. Choosing a software suite to meet your needs will involve a thorough examination of costs versus features, but you can generally expect to find several key features. These include:

  • Reservation management. The backbone of any hospitality business, managing reservations is key to ensuring more streamlined operations. Good software will generally include the ability to manage reservations directly from an intuitive interface, change availability or override bookings, and change rates whenever necessary.
  • Front-desk operations. Make life easier for your front-desk staff with a good software suite. The tools you will typically receive include management for check-ins and check-outs, billing, room assignment, and collecting guest data.
  • Rate and inventory management. Monitoring occupancy levels and rate fluctuation is key to offering last-minute bookings and special promotions. These tools are always included in a Hotel Property Management System. Adjust rates as needed and meet the moment when circumstances require these adjustments.
  • Channel management. Most hotels offer booking through many different platforms or channels. These include websites, applications, travel agencies, and more. Collect all the booking information into a single location and use that data to your advantage with the suite of tools provided in your management system software.
  • Payment processing. Take payments from today’s most popular providers, offer exclusive discounts and reward systems, and issue refunds with the powerful payment processing tools in your management software.
  • Housekeeping and other staffing. Something many hoteliers and property managers do not think about when it comes to automation is housekeeping and staffing. Ensure that your hotel or resort is always well-staffed, clean, and accommodating with automated scheduling. Reorder supplies easily and forecast staffing needs with seasonal and other changes – all automated and easier than ever before!

Enhancing Guest Experience – The Biggest Benefit of Good Property Management

When you as ka hotel guest what made their experience great, they are not likely to say it was the hotel’s software. But that is only because they cannot see how important that software is in managing every part of their stay – and tailoring service to their unique needs.

By automating many processes that your staff would otherwise be burdened with, your team can instead focus on improving guest experience. They can also easily collect and organize booking history and other customer data. This allows management to create guest profiles that can then be employed in improving and personalizing service and offering deals, discounts, and loyalty rewards.

A good hotel property management system doesn’t just benefit your staff. It benefits every guest who rents a room with you – and keeps them coming back!

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