In the dynamic and demanding world of wrestling, the right gear is pivotal to both performance and confidence, and at the heart of this gear is the wrestling singlet bluelite usps. This essential piece of attire goes beyond mere functionality; it’s a critical factor in comfort, mobility, and even psychological edge.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the key aspects of selecting the ideal wrestling singlet tailored to your needs. We’ll explore the nuances of material, fit, and design, and how these elements converge to enhance your agility and comfort on the mat. Whether you’re gearing up for your first tournament or looking to upgrade your existing kit, understanding the intricacies of a wrestling singlet will empower you to make an informed choice that complements your style and boosts your performance.

Material of Singlets

The first point to consider while buying the singlet is the material and fabric of the wrestling singlet. Comfort, durability, and cost will be determined by the type of material used. Mostly the wrestling singlets are made of polyester. However, some singlets are made out of Lycra or Lycra/spandex blend materials.

  • Polyester is a long lasting, breathable, and relatively cheap material. It is mostly used for beginners’ singlets. Wrestlers and practitioners with limited budgets opt for such singlets. However, it is less comfortable compared to other fabrics and is not that stretchable.
  • Lycra/spandex blends are more expensive and they offer a comfortable, stretchy fit. This is common in senior wrestlers and those competing at higher levels. Spandex singlets fit better which makes the wrestler feel more agile and flexible on their toes.

Different Types of Singlets

There are two options for singlets: One is Stock and the other one is sublimated singlets. Stock singlets are simple in their designs that offer limited varieties, but they are typically traditional. Fully sublimated designs with great flexibility and creativity characterize custom sublimated singlets.

Sublimation involves printing the ink directly onto the material. It is significantly better than screen printing or heat transfers. It produces a product that does not crack, peel or fade, ensuring that it looks nice for longer.

Wrestling Singlet Cuts

A singlet’s cut is usually a personal choice. Just like the material, the singlet cut you choose should be based on your personal preferences: these include liteblue usps comfort, wrestling style, and the amount of coverage needed.

It goes without saying that there are no right or wrong singlets designs as it all depends on what is appropriate according to your fighting style.

1. Full cut or high cut wrestling singlet

A high-cut wrestling singlet goes higher on the neck and underarms, as compared to a traditional singlet. It resembles a tank top and covers the entire chest, back, and thighs. This works for those who need most coverage and assurance or love classical look. It is also known as “Full Cut,” This is the most prevalent singlet used in folkstyle or collegiate wrestling today.

2. Low cut wrestling singlet

A singlet that is cut low has less material, a neckline goes down to the middle on its chest, and much further down underneath the armpits. At the back of this singlet, a much thinner strip of material appears between the shoulder blades. These singlets are especially used in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.

3. Women’s  wrestling singlet

A women’s cut singlet is just like a hi cut singlet, but designed with a different profile to be more comfortable  and covers for female wrestlers.

4. Full cut wrestling singlet

This style is actually extremely similar to the Full Cut, except for one difference.It has a wider opening under the arms. It also contributes to more movement in the limbs and may even be cooler for some wrestlers. The exposed ribs might make you feel insecure and even “exposed”.

In case you are not sure of the right style, you may consider high cut singlets because they are very popular in wrestling competitions.

However, in the end, it is a matter of taste—make an effort to select the best one for yourself.

What Size of Singlet Do I Need?

Singlets are manufactured according to the fighter’s weights and the manufacturer indicates a corresponding weight range for each size. These ranges cater for average liteblue body types and therefore, if you have extra height, width, or muscles you may have to step out of the standard range.

Following are the standard sizes for the singlet:

SizeWrestler Weight
XS55 – 75 lbs
S75 – 119 lbs
M120 – 139 lbs
L140 – 169 lbs
XL170 – 199 lbs
XXL200 + lbs

Singlets will stretch quite a bit and they are meant to be tight-fitting. You may want to buy your growing kid wrestler a singlet just a bit bigger so that he can grow into it.

Features of Wrestling Singlets

When reading the descriptions of wrestling singlets, you may encounter the following features.

  • Singlet making involves various kinds of stitching. Flat lock double stitching refers to the fact that where the seams are, the material is stitched in a manner that lays it down flat. If the seams are not sewn down, they may rub against the skin underneath and irritate it.
  • Leg ends – when put on, the legs of a singlet tend to slip up during competition. In fact, some singlets have leg grippers inside the bottom of the leg openings which helps the legs to stay in position.
  • Decoration Style: Some singlets are decorated using sewed on designs while others are screen printed or heat pressed. The best and durable choice would be sublimation.
  • Fabric Type – Singlets are mostly made of nylon, lycra and spandex. Buy a singlet with ‘4 way stretch’ – it means the fabric will stretch in all directions: vertically and horizontally. Not only does this ensure better fit, but also prevents ‘grinning’. Grinning is the possibility of the fabric getting more transparent when stretched. It will be good if you go for wrestling singlets in bulk, this way you can have an opportunity to understand what stands best for you.

Tips to make your Singlet Last Longer!

Your singlet can be damaged by improper handling or washing. With this in mind, we have drafted the below guidelines to help you get the best out of your investment into singlets.

  • Wash Cold: The lycra fabric used to make your singlets is in general the enemy of heat. Hot water is not allowed.
  • Non-phosphorus detergent – Bleeding of colors occurs due to harsh chemicals or phosphates.
  • Hang dry – Do not use hot dryers and take the singlet from the washing machine as fast as you can. Hang them for air drying. Avoid using metal hangers since they create rust marks on the clothes; instead, use wooden or plastic hangers.
  • Soak it first if the singlet is specially dirty or with blood stains using little detergent in a bowl or a basin. Therefore, soaking anything from one-hour up to overnight can assist in softening any stains prior to washing.
  • To be honest, singlets stink. If your singlet is stinky, try adding a cup of baking soda in your pre-soak; this will help to suppress the smell.
  • No Bleach – Never use chlorine bleach, it could damage the fabric.
  • Each wrestler fights individually, so uniforms are washed separately. The singlets easily tear away from the lice and lint from other fabrics may be harmful to the lycra fabric as well as they may attach to them.
  • Lastly, never put your singlets under the iron.

Buy the Best Wrestling Singlets

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