Fire-boltt Dream Android Smartwatch

Fire-boltt Dream: Revolutionizing Wearables with the Android Wristphone

The so-called ‘Wristphone’ Android Smartwatch, Fire-boltt Dream, completely redefines the wearable experience by combining all the functionalities of a smartphone with the comfort of wearables. This groundbreaking device is equipped to run autonomously, giving access to 4G LTE through a Nano-SIM, and runs Android OS, adding a huge number of apps to the users’ menu right from their wrists. Here is an in-depth look at the Fire-Boltt Dream Watch.

Fire-boltt Dream Specifications

Display2.02″ IPS, 320 x 386, 600 nits, 60Hz
OSAndroid 8.1
CPU, RAM, StorageCortex A53, 2GB RAM, 15GB Storage
ConnectivityGPS, Wi-Fi (Only 2.4Ghz), Bluetooth 5.0
SensorsHeart Rate Sensor, Blood Oxygen Detection Sensor, Pedometer
Battery800 mAh (Up to one day)

Pros and Cons

  • Comprehensive connectivity options including 4G LTE and GPS.
  • Direct access to apps via the Google Play Store.
  • Durable build quality with a metal chassis.
  • The bulky design may hinder comfort during prolonged use.
  • Performance issues such as lag and overheating.
  • Limited fitness tracking without additional apps.
  • Battery life falls short, requiring frequent charges.


Priced at almost 7000 rupees in India, the Fire-boltt Dream is a blend of smartphone-like features and smartwatch convenience that defines itself as a value proposition for a rapidly proliferating smartwatch market with a cost-competitive price point.

Design, Build & Comfort

The ‘Apple-inspired’ design and metal housing ensure both the highest style and reliability. On the one hand, it has a roomy size, with its case weighing 64 grams, hence wearing it for extended periods might be tiring. It recovers by offering a wide range of strap options thereby, enabling you to get the grip customized for comfort and style.


Alongside having a 2-inch IPS panel with a 60Hz refresh rate, it also has a brightness level of 600 nits the screen of the dream wristphone is considered to be a good fit for its price class. Nonetheless, the practical operation of the device may not meet the current expectations in the market as it may not perform well due to lags reported affecting the display performance.


Having a quad-core A52 Cortex chipset, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage, the Fire-boltt Dream device works under the control of Android 8.1 with custom software modifications. This environment provides direct availability to the Google Play Store, which allows users to instantly get and download apps. However, some users may encounter performance glitches such as lag and overheating while installing apps that bring down the overall experience.

Fitness Tracking

While the device offers basic fitness tracking functionalities, it lacks comprehensive pre-installed sports modes. Users seeking advanced tracking must resort to third-party apps, which may not integrate seamlessly, leading to inconsistent data syncing and questionable sensor accuracy.

Battery Life

The 800 mAh battery promises up to a day’s usage, contingent on usage intensity. The primary culprit behind the subpar battery performance is the unoptimized operating system, necessitating frequent recharges for moderate to heavy users.


The smartwatch excels in connectivity, boasting 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS capabilities. Despite its comprehensive connectivity options, the inclusion of an older Bluetooth version and limited Wi-Fi bandwidth may not be appealing to some users.

Our Take

Fire-boltt Dream is a market-breaking smartwatch that gives an opportunity to use a phone’s functions in a watch’s shape. The split-hinge design, connectivity, and direct app access are features that not only give it the edge but set it on a different level in the market.

Nevertheless, the device is slowed down by performance issues, poor fitness tracking, and poor battery life which may cause consumers to steer away from the device if they are looking for a smart wearable device with a smooth user experience or a fitness watch with coherent tracking capabilities.

With its competitive pricing, the Fire-boltt Dream is a well-mixed offer that suits users who are looking for independent smartphones in a smartwatch, but it would not be an ideal option that gives all needed features including those related to fitness and performance.

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