The Ultimate Guide to AirTag Alternatives: Top 5 Picks for 2024

In an age where technology is taking over our lives, the invention of personal item trackers has changed the whole look of keeping track of our valued possessions. When Apple introduced the AirTag as a simple, elegantly designed tool for tracking things within the Apple ecosystem, it became the epitome of convenience. Nevertheless, the combined factors of exclusivity and premium pricing for AirTags drove the development of multifunctional substitutions that satisfy a wider class of customers, even including Android users. These substitutes do not only compete with AirTags in functionality but also add other features that serve different requirements. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the top five AirTag alternatives for 2024 with prices, making sure you’ll pick the tracker to your needs.

1. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2

Ideal for: Samsung Users

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2

  • Smooth integration into the Samsung ecosystem
  • Energy independence of 500-700 days
  • Bluetooth range of 120 meters
  • Restriction to Samsung devices only

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag2, priced at approximately ₹2,200, shows the company’s engineering prowess in creating a seamless ecosystem. This tracker has been made to be compatible with Samsung devices; it even has more capabilities than just tracking. The SmartTag2 can be used to control smart home devices such as SmartThings by Samsung, so, it can be considered as a multi-purpose tool for Samsung users. With its remarkable battery life and comprehensive Bluetooth range, this device stands out on top of the best AirTag alternatives; your things are not just trackable but also controllable with ease.

2. Tile Pro (2022)

Ideal for: Durability Seekers


  • Extra strong with an IP67 rating for water and dirt
  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • A significant range of Bluetooth – around 400 feet
  • Subscription for full features

The Tile Pro, which costs approx ₹2,560, is the hallmark of uncompromising toughness. Its IP67 rating fabricates it to be able to survive tough circumstances, which is why it is excellent for outdoor enthusiasts and messy people. Cross-platform compatibility is one of the most outstanding features of Tile Pro, allowing for a convenient tracking solution for users of iOS and Android. Its extended Bluetooth range guarantees that associated items are always within your access, thus the subscription model comes with a host of extra features like “smart alert” which notifies us if we go too far from the tag.

3. Chipolo ONE Spot

Ideal for:  Apple network users

Chipolo ONE Spot

  • Utilizes Apple’s Find My Locator network
  • An internal loud alarm with up to two years of battery life
  • iOS-compatibility only

A Chipolo ONE Spot made for iPhones at around ₹2,050 is a suitable equivalent that exploits the significant network sharing of the Find My app services. It offers features like a long-lasting battery life of up to 2 years with a loud bell that can easily direct you to lost items in a noisy environment. The sleek appearance and the keychain hole make the device attractive for everyday use as it gives those using the Apple ecosystem some cheaper alternative.

4. Cube Shadow

Ideal for: Minimalists

  • Ultra-thin design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Tracks up to 200 feet with Bluetooth
  • Shorter battery life of three months

For those who appreciate minimalism, the Cube Shadow, priced around ₹2,550, is a marvel of design. Its ultra-thin profile allows it to be discreetly attached to virtually any item, from remote controls to wallets, without adding bulk. Despite its diminutive size, it boasts a rechargeable battery and a respectable Bluetooth tracking range. The Cube Shadow exemplifies how tracking technology can be both effective and unobtrusive, making it an ideal choice for those seeking simplicity and efficiency.

5. Eufy Security SmartTrack Card

Ideal for:  Wallet Tracking

  • Slim card design fits in wallets
  • Utilizes Apple’s Find My app
  • Loud alarm and item-sharing features
  • Primarily designed for iOS users

The eufy Security SmartTrack Card, priced at approximately ₹2,200, redefines the concept of wallet tracking. Its card-like design ensures it fits seamlessly into your wallet, acting as a silent guardian over your valuables. The integration with Apple’s Find My app provides a reliable tracking solution, while the loud alarm and item-sharing feature that enables users to share tracked locations with family members enhances its utility. Whether you’re prone to misplacing your wallet or simply seeking an extra layer of security, the SmartTrack Card offers a sophisticated solution.

In general, the personal item tracker market of 2024 is much-diversified featuring multiple types that fit one’s choice and needs. From the complete ecosystem integration of Galaxy SmartTag2 by Samsung to the heavy-duty Tile Pro (2022), the attractive design of the Cube Shadow, and the wallet-tracking eufy Security SmartTrack Card, everyone has an alternative. In this article, we discussed various AirTag alternatives. You can choose an alternative that resonates with your preferences and requirements.

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