With the speed of today’s life, it can be a chore to keep up with our personal possessions. Apple’s innovation of AirTags took the lead in the monitoring of personal belongings, providing a worry-free way to make sure our belongings are safe. This step-by-step guide will take you through everything you need to know about how to use AirTag, from installation to advanced capabilities, which will allow you to fully utilize this technology.

Understanding AirTags

AirTag is a small, round, coin-sized gadget that assists you in finding your things. They are based on Apple’s ‘Find My network’ which is capable of tracking your items in real-time through the ‘Find My’ application on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Be it keys, wallets, suitcases, or even pets, the AirTags can be attached to almost anything, which will let you feel that your things are never out of reach.

Setting Up Your AirTag

  • Unbox and Activate: First of all, unbox your AirTag and pull the tab to activate the battery and it will emit a chime to let you know that it is ready to pair.
  • Pair with iPhone or iPad: Bring the AirTag close to your iPhone or iPad. Your device screen will show a popup window. Press “Connect” to start the pairing process.
  • Assign a Name: You will be required to name your AirTag. There is a range of predefined names that you can choose from or you can customize a name of your own to easily identify the item that you are tracking.
  • Register to Apple ID: The last step in the setup process is to link the AirTag to your Apple ID so that it is only you, who can track your AirTag.

How to use Airtags

  • Find My App: To locate your AirTag, just open the ‘Find My’ App on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Select the AirTag button which will be under the “Items” tab.
  • Play Sound: If your AirTag is near you but can’t find exactly where it is located, try playing a sound from the app to trace it. This feature can play an important role in helping to locate lost items within your house.
  • Precision Finding: The Precision Finding feature comes with visual directions for your iPhone 11 and later versions, indicating on-screen directions that include distance and direction to your item.
  • Lost Mode: What if your AirTag is lost or far away from you? In that case, you can turn on the Lost Mode mode. With this method, you can insert a phone number or an email address in the AirTag for you to be able to be in touch with those who find your AirTag.

Creative Uses for AirTags

In addition to keeping an eye on the keys and wallets, let’s see how to use AirTags with creativity. String an AirTag to your bicycle for extra security, set one in the car to help remember where you parked, or use it even on a drone for tracking, in case it crashes it is easy to locate. The potentials are vast and as long as you know how to use AirTags, what you can safeguard is only bound by your imagination.

Things to remember

  • Sharing Items: AirTags being a personal tracking device can also be used to share your location with your family or friends by sharing your location through the ‘Find My’ app.
  • Battery Maintenance: AirTags are powered by a CR2032 changeable battery, which lasts up to a year. Replacing the battery is straightforward: hold down the back cover, unscrew the battery, and assemble it back.
  • Customizing Alerts: Explore the ‘Find My’ app settings to set up notifications that give you an alert when you are far away from your AirTag item so you can be alerted immediately when your item is possibly stolen.
  • Accessories and Attachment: Several types of AirTag accessories are in the market, like chains, loops, and luggage tags. With these accessories, you can not only protect your AirTag but also have the freedom of attaching it in different ways on different items.


The AirTag truly is a giant leap in the sense that it uses Apple devices to make tracking personal items a practical thing. By following the instructions on how to use AirTags, you are well-equipped to make the most of this technology which ushers in peace of mind in your day-to-day life.

Being effortless to install, convenient to track, and in the end, the innovative functions of Precision Finding and Lost Mode, AirTags are not just a location tracking gadget as they are one of the most amazing ways to interact with your belongings while giving you peace of mind all the time in a small and unique package.

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