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Godaddy is a most trustable and popular domain name service provider company and most entrepreneurs around the globe always prefer to choose Godaddy. It would be great if you get an email account associated with your domain name that depicts professionalism in your work. With Godaddy webmail service, you get that too.

In this article, you are going to get a complete guide to accessing workspace email login godaddy.  But before that one must also know how to generate your credentials for that. So let’s move forward together and learn the steps to access the Godaddy webmail.

Process to Create an Email Account for your Godaddy Workspace

It is more obvious that before directly jumping to the steps for Godaddy email login, one must also know the steps for how they can generate an account for GoDaddy webmail (especially for new users).

To create a new email account, you need to first visit the control centre of GoDaddy workspace.

Then follow these steps to create a Godaddy workspace email account:

  • In the first step, you must first have to access the control centre of your workspace. To log in here, your workspace email address and password won’t work, you need to provide your Godaddy username and password to access the control centre.
  • After that, click on the “Create” button that you will find at the top of the Email Address list.
  • Tick the checkbox on the left of the Email option. After that, in the email address column, you have to enter your email ID name, followed by @ and then the Godaddy domain name.
  • After that, choose a new password for your Godaddy workspace and then confirm that.
  • It is generally recommended to cross-check all your details before locking them. If everything is OK, click on the Create button.

After a few minutes, if everything works fine then you will get a confirmation email. That’s it, now your account is ready to use.

How to access the Godaddy Webmail workspace?

Godaddy webmail service provides an easy and convenient way to manage all your emails. As the webmail services are easily accessible from any device or on any browser, you just need to have an internet connection and your correct credentials to godaddy email login

You can follow these steps to easily access the GoDaddy webmail workspace:

  • First visit to this link.
  • For regular Godaddy email login, it is generally recommended to bookmark the page for quick action and you won’t be required to repeat your actions to log into Godaddy workspace.
  • Now enter your associated email address and password in their respective fields, that you have created in the previous section. Here your Godaddy username and password won’t work.
  • After that click on the “Sign In” button.

And there you go, you have your Godaddy webmail workspace in front of your screen where you can access your emails and respond to them. Manage your emails as per the need.


Following the guides defined in the article, you will be able to easily access the Godaddy workspace and new users can start by generating a new email address and password for Godaddy webmail.

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