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Google holds more than 90% of search market share worldwide. Google Ads is a timesaving and undoubtedly a sure shot method of generating leads into a business. Traditional SEO takes a longer time to rank your pages whereas Google Ads can give you mind blowing results instantly.

Google is known to cater best to its customer and over the years we have witnessed numerous changes which have made Google the undisputed winner in the market.

On July 24th Google Adwords became Google Ads and significantly, Double click and Google 360 are merged into Google Ads.

By making an effective use of the latest Google Adwords Updates, one can save a large amount of expenditure and time to get improved results.

Let’s look into top 5 Google Adwords Updates which will boost your business

  1. Google Surveys 360 – Important for Brand Tracking, Ad Effectiveness and Consumer Research.

With Google Surveys 360, users can

  • Create a Survey
  • Find a specific audience sample
  • Generate results instantly

It allows you to surface the customer’s voice instantly without spending much. Users provide honest feedback and reviews as they get credits into their Google Play store via Google reward app.

There’s a large option of targeting methods available

Google Adwords Updates
  1. AMP ads and Landing Pages for display and search results

According to Google, with every single second in web page loading time, you lose around 20% of your potential users. You need to configure faster loading landing pages to enhance your conversion rate.

AMP landing pages are Google’s current answer to improve page loading time factor.

AMP ads generally load 5 seconds faster than the traditional display ad.

With the Optimize and Adwords Integration, it’s easier to create a new version of your landing pages and then apply them to any combination of ad groups and keywords without any coding or webmaster.

Point to noted: In August 2016, Google discontinued TV ads method which was used to place advertising on TV networks

  1. Google Sheets Add-on for Google Ads

If you’re using a third party tool to fetch Ads data, here’s an update that will put a big smile on your face.

With Google sheets add-on, you can directly import Adwords data into sheets. It enables you to create custom reports in sheets without depending on a third party tool.

google adwords update
Google Chrome

Customized data can be pulled off according to date, keywords and other attributes. These reports can be fetched on a monthly or weekly basis

It is quite evident from these updates that Google is becoming more customer-centric by making the functionalities convenient to achieve new heights.

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