Google Algorithm Updates 2019

The best and worst part about Google is its timely updates. You need to be updated in order to do well. Google is known to make amendments in its search algorithm regularly which makes it quite fair to ease out the process. These changes might be small but they are of very much importance if you want your business to do well in search engine rankings.

Google has recently announced that website copying content from other websites will not get any weight in its algorithm. As it is said “Content is the King”, you need to have a compelling content of your own on your website. Spinning the content was an easy method of producing quality content from other articles; Google has rolled out that concept too. It doesn’t matter if you use synonyms or rewrite a few sentences; you’re not going to have any benefit from it.

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This update has widely affected websites, majorly the news portals. Although it is not an advised practice to copy content from other websites, people were highly involved in the false doings. Tech Hub Digital will give you the most genuine updates and tips on how to follow them.

What actually the update is about?

1.    Well written Titles

The title is the very first thing a user interacts with on search engine page ranking. You need to have a unique and keyword based title. Your title shouldn’t be short or too large in length. A good title has around 60 characters though. With Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily manage the title and description for a better on page of your website.

2.    Importance of HTTPS

Somewhere, we all know that HTTP is going to be scrapped soon, still, many of us haven’t migrated to https. It is highly recommended to use https for your site. Not only it will secure your website, but Google also gives it a higher preference.

3.    Say No to duplicate content

As already explained above, you should simply say a big no to scrapped content. You may even get penalized for it. Also, if you accept guest posts, you should check for its authenticity. There are various tools available online to check the uniqueness of content.

By keeping in mind these short but important SEO updates, you can do a lot better from your current position. Tech Hub Digital provides all the important Google updates accurately. Stay connected to know more in the future too.

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