how to Increase Productivity

How to increase productivity? This is the foremost question in the minds of business owners as well as professionals. There are only so many hours in a day that you can use in doing your work. However, most people can be heard complaining about how they do not have enough time to do their tasks. It does not matter whether you are in a technical profession like WordPress website development which has time-bound goals or are a freelance artist. Better planning and time management will help you complete your work quickly and more efficiently. In this article, we are giving valuable suggestions which can be used by individuals and organizations to improve their efficiency.

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7 Most Effective Ways to Increase Productivity 

1. Track The Time Spent In Completing Tasks

The biggest reason for lack of time is inaccurate estimations for completing a specified task. Most people, after spending a few years in their industry feel that they can correctly guess the estimated time. However, a lot of them make mistakes and do not account for unforeseen circumstances which lead to delays. Rectify the situation by tracking the time spent in executing routine tasks. After a week, you will have a record of time on which you can base your future estimations. This will help you in knowing exactly how much time is being wasted in doing unproductive work. The insight will help in making a precise and faultless work time table.

2. Break Projects Into Small Segments

Another tip for people wondering how to increase productivity is to break up projects into small segments. Most professionals working on large-scale assignments must be familiar with this tactic. However, this strategy must be applied to all projects irrespective of their scale. Users must divide the entire assignment into different groups of smaller tasks. They must create deadlines for each set and make sure they complete the job before a set’s time limit. The users will look forward to starting work on a new batch as soon as one set is over. This will help maintain the interest levels of the individual or team and prevent the job from becoming tedious.

3. Prioritize Tasks According To Importance

A lot of us rank our tasks according to their difficulty rather than importance. It is not an entirely incorrect approach. People feel that they will need more time in executing complicated chores and, therefore, chose to do them first. Problems arise when a job which was easier but more important, gets delayed. It will be pertinent to rate the assignments according to their significance rather than the complexities involved in them. It will make sure that all the vital things are taken care of as quickly as possible.

4. Follow The 2-Minute Rule

Another related tip for people wanting to know how to increase productivity is to follow the 2-minute rule. The principle behind this rule is if anything can be done in less than 2 minutes, do it straight away. It is common for human beings to postpone an activity which seems simple and easy. What we do not understand is that can create a huge pile of pending work. This can eat up a lot of time later which could have been spent doing something more useful. Following this rule will help in getting all the manageable tasks out of the way quickly.

5. Avoid Multitasking At All Costs

Many of us believe that multitasking can help improve efficiency. The sooner you get rid of this notion the better. Attempting to do many things at once can be detrimental as concentrating on all tasks at once is virtually impossible. Focusing on only one job at a time will allow you to give proper attention to all the details. It will improve the overall quality of work besides ensuring that it is finished on time. When you try to perform multiple actions at the same time and something goes wrong, each task will be affected.

6. Use Software Tools To Become Efficient  

The easiest thing people pondering over how to increase productivity can do is to use technology. There are numerous software solutions which can help streamline the workflow and ease routine processes. You can install time tracking software to monitor individual as well as collaborative efforts. There are numerous project management solutions which can also be used to improve teamwork. Digital notepads and cloud-based storage services are some other tools which can be helpful in improving efficiency.

7. Do Not Conduct Too Many Meetings

Meetings, if not planned carefully, can waste quality time. Every business gathering must have a precise agenda and a clear goal. Do not schedule a discussion until you are clear in your mind about what you hope to achieve with it. Most of us do not follow this rule and call a meeting for every small thing. Discard this approach and instead consider whether the same consultation can be done over the internet/phone or not.


These suggestions about how to increase productivity will be helpful in improving your time management skills. This will impact your workflow and overall efficiency in a positive manner.

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