How to Make a Website for Free

There is absolutely no doubt about it; there are so many benefits that come with building your own website. Nowadays, a lot of businesses are conducting the majority of their business online, through their website; thereby, reaching a higher profit level. However, there are many businesses (especially small businesses) and new entrepreneurs, with little or no prior experience in web design and may not have the financial power to own a professionally designed website. So how to make a website for free then?

Thankfully, there are many internet companies available today, that can provide you a professional looking website, with a load of other benefits and at a very reasonable rate. One of such internet companies is where you can go and learn how to make a website for free.

Before I go into discussing how to make a website for free, let us quickly explain what a website builder is.

A website builder is a unique tool that is designed for people with little or no experience or knowledge about the process of building a website. Website builders operate with drag and drop editors. With this, small business owners can easily build a perfectly optimized website, from scratch in a few hours. Website builders don’t require any experience.

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Considering the cost of a website builder, it is relatively less expensive than hiring a professional web designer. Website builders give you full-time access to managing your site. You are in control of your website’s SEO as well as the entire design process.

Using the tools on, here is how to make a website for free.

Pick a Website Template

The first thing you need is a website template. You may be excited about the fact that you do not need to be a professional web developer to build web pages in hPage. All of the templates have been designed and coded by experts already and are available for you to purchase from the marketplace. With this feature already in place, you can spend more time creating content and building fantastic web pages, rather than trying to resolve coding issues.

There are hundreds of pre-designed templates to choose from according to your business type. You can choose from the many templates, background, and fonts that hPage has to offer, and you are well on your way to creating a beautiful website.

The Ability to Customize

Next step is to customize your website templates to match your brand. When you build your website with, you have can always customize your website whenever and however you want. With hundreds of stunning templates available to choose from, you can easily pick one and go online. You can also customize to suit your personal and business needs.

Over and over again, small business owners make the mistake of spending thousands of dollars to develop their website. While this often leads to beautifully designed websites, it limits what you can do in terms of customizing your website as regularly as you would want to. If you do not have extensive web design skills, carrying out the most basic tasks such as adding new content can be quite challenging.

Changing the font, color, theme or updating content is just a drag and drop away with when building with hPage. You don’t have to wait for days or weeks for the changes to be made by a hired developer.

Add your content via web pages

It can take a few weeks to a few months to develop a standard website from scratch. However, building your website with a website builder like hPage, you save a significant amount of time between your website being built and going online.

However, there is an initial investment of time and resources when building,  but this isn’t something impossible to overcome. It could be as easy as playing with the website builder for a few hours to get the feel of the environment.

Writing your website’s content, designing your website, optimizing and double checking it yourself with a website builder still takes less time than contracting a web developer to perform the tasks.

Mobile Responsive website

Make sure your website is now responsive for different gadgets like mobile. With smartphones and other mobile devices on the increase, it is extremely crucial that your website is mobile-friendly. Therefore, you need a responsive design.

A responsive design means that your website will alter itself based on the mobile device it is viewed upon, and users will still enjoy the sleek PC view on their mobile.

Another responsive design is that your website will also be optimized for mobile devices, which is awesome because Google tends to favor mobile-optimized websites. hPage templates are all responsive by default. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about doing any technical work or coding to get your website responsive.

Great Analytics tools – Awesome reports, graphs, charts and Dashboard

Assuming you have your contents ready and posted – it’s now time for you to examine its performance. hPage provide you with relevant statistics and data that measure the progress of your website. You get to see detailed information about the performance of your content, from how many pages views and CTA clicks it has to submission rates, leads and customers generated. With hPage analytics, you can easily see how much your marketing efforts are paying off and contributing to your business’s ROI.

Further to this, you can use hPage’s attribution reports to identify the channels and content which drive the most lead generation activity for your business.

Running your small business into the 21st century style should not be a difficult and expensive task to accomplish; it should be made as simple as humanly possible. Today, we live in a world where you are expected to have a professional website for potential customers to locate information about your business.

Learn how to make a website for free by visiting right away to get your free website running in hours.

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