How to Post on Instagram form Computer

Are you facing problem to post on Instagram form computer? Most of the social media platforms are developed to work on both computer and smartphones. If you want to post on Instagram form computer or mac, yes it is possible.

Instagram still does not provide an officer methodology to post on instagram from pc. that is alright, though, as a result of it’s still possible! Once you master the method, you will be glad you probably did. piece of writing photos on your pc/laptops so having to adjust them to your phone is associate degree extra and long step that simply is not required.

How to post on Instagram From Computer

Step 1: First open your chrome browser and log in into your Instagram, click on the Chrome menu icon.
Step 2: You will see the More tools in the menu, click on.

How to Post on Instagram form Computer

Step 3: After clicking on More Tools then choose Developer tools.
Step 4: After clicking on Developer tools, you will see a window loaded with web codes. See on the top of the new window, you will see the icon which looks like mobile and tablet.

How to Post on Instagram form Computer

Now you will see that the page has been changed into mobile format. You will see the + button on your computer screen.

Note: You may face problem there’s no change in chrome Instagram after following the whole process. Here are three different ideas to fix them.

Follow the whole process before login into your Instagram.
Refresh Your Chrome Page.
Logout from Instagram Account and log in again.

Step 5: Now close the side window and enjoy Instagram in full screen.

If you are unable to post to Instagram from computer, follow these steps.
Step 1: Open Your Browser
Step 2: Download Chrome UA Spoofer extension

I hope Tech Hub Digital solutions are useful to you and solve your problem how to post on Instagram from Computer.

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