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Lord Hanuman is the perfect epitome of courage, strength, loyalty, selflessness, and humility. He is not only famed as Lord Rama’s greatest devotee, but also as the possessor of supernatural powers since birth. The vital role he played in saving Sita Devi from Ravan’s clutches has been immortalised in Ramayana. For centuries, it has been believed that Hanuman Ji protects all his worshippers against evils, misfortunes, and ailments. So, is Lord Hanuman still alive? Yes, he is always in your heart and spirit, if you pray to him devoutly, imbibe his lessons, and follow the path of righteousness. However, before bringing home a Hanuman idol, it is important to know a little more about the unique god.   

The fascinating tale of Hanuman Ji

Lord Hanuman was born to Anjana, a celestial nymph, and Vayu, the god of wind. As per mythology, Anjana once taunted a sage who had monkey-like features. Angered, the sage cursed that Anjana would be born as a monkey in her next life. Once the nymph realised her grave mistake, she pleaded repeatedly for forgiveness and the kind sage relented. He said that she would go back to her original form after giving birth to her son, Hanuman, and he would be Lord Shiva’s incarnation. 

Another tale narrates how the supremely powerful Hanuman Ji tried to leap and devour the sun as a child, since it resembled a delicious fruit. Alarmed, the king of gods, Indra, hurled his thunderbolt at Lord Hanuman, who ended up on the ground with a wounded jaw or hanu. However, Vayu was livid and stopped blowing. Scared, the other gods pleaded for his forgiveness and bestowed more powers to Lord Hanuman.    

Proofs that Lord Hanuman is still alive

Hanuman Ji received the blessing of immortality right before lords Rama and Lakshmana passed away, as per Rama Katha and Ramayana. It is also believed that as long as people narrate the tale of Lord Rama and talk about him, Lord Hanuman will live. Moreover, no epic or ancient text mentions Hanuman Ji’s demise. 

Mathang, a tribe in Sri Lanka, also claims that the lord pays them a visit every 41 years. This stems from the story that when Lord Hanuman resided in the forests of Sri Lanka, these tribal people chose to serve him. And he passed on a special mantra to them, which when recited with fervour, would make the lord appear before the tribe.  

Many believers claim to have seen the lord’s footprints all over India and Sri Lanka. In fact, many of these spots have temples dedicated to Hanuman Ji.  

Pray from your heart

As mentioned earlier, for anyone who wonders ‘is Lord Hanuman still alive?’, the answer is that he is Chiranjeevi or immortal in the hearts of his true worshippers. Moreover, there are many instances and experiences that strengthen the belief that he lives to this day. So, once you bring home the deity, make sure to pray to him the right way. 

Place him in the temple or in such a way that the idol faces south or east. The lord should be placed on an elevated spot or pedestal and the surrounding space should be clutter-free. To offer prayers, every day, light a lamp or diya in front of him. Then recite Hanuman Chalisa and perform aarti. Since red is Hanuman Ji’s favourite hue, wear red garments and use red vermillion and flowers while praying. Offer besan laddoos as he is fond of them. On Tuesdays, you can perform a yajna or fire sacrifice and offer mango leaves, milk, and coconut to the holy flames. 

Enrich your life with Hanuman Ji’s blessings

Bringing home a beautiful Hanuman idol from IdolKart can not only fill your life with wellness, happiness, and success, but also enhance the ambience of the interiors. And when you assimilate and perpetuate the lord’s lessons in everyday life, you will be able truly celebrate Hanuman Ji’s essence and legacy for years to come.

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