Mario vs Donkey Kong

Mario vs Donkey Kong is a game that was initially released in 2004 for Game Boy Advance. The game now has a version for Nintendo Switch which was released in 2024. It is a puzzle game and a visit to the old memories of Game Boy Advance. Mario and Donkey Kong both are from different game universes and this game is a crossover spin-off.

What is the Game based on?

The rivalry between Donkey Kong and Mario is presented in this game as Kong has stolen all of Mario’s toys. The game gives the player a chance to control Mario and in some levels a few mini-Marios to finish the level. The game gives you several puzzles to solve. As you solve a puzzle, and find a toy, the game progresses. There are 130 levels in this game.

The new game has much better graphics, a soundtrack and the option to play co-op. It’s like a rivalry reignited but much better and more fun.

Contents of the Game:

  • 130 Levels and Puzzles: The game offers 130 levels with mind-blowing puzzles which gives a good level of satisfaction to the player. Every time you solve a puzzle or progress in a level, the difficulty increases as well. Just like the old game, dodging traps, fighting enemies, and using tools are some of the things the player has to do.
  • Mini-Mario Toys: The game is based on Mario finding his toys that Donkey Kong has stolen. The levels are also based on this. In the stages of the game, Mario finds small Mario toys.
  • Controlling Mini-Marios: On some levels, you control a few mini-Marios at once to lead them into their toy box.
  • Boss Fights: After completing each world, you get to fight the Big Lug or Donkey Kong who is ruthless in his battles. The battles are arcade-style but very action-packed.

Objectives of the Game:

  • Avoid Obstacles: Players use their brains and wit to avoid the enemies and traps, to progress in the game. Each world has separate obstacles and enemies designed to make you fail.
  • Master Moves: The old but always loved Mario has a set of moves that can make him run, jump, backflip, pick up objects, climb, swing and handstand. Use and master these moves to go further in the game.
  • Solve Puzzles: The game offers 130 levels and each has different puzzles for you to solve. Every puzzle that you solve will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

Feature to play Co-op:

A feature that is available in the current instalment of Mario vs Donkey Kong is co-op. You can invite a second player in the game Toad. You can play with your friend while interacting and communicating which will make the puzzles much easier and more fun.

Difficulties Offered by the Game:

There are a few difficulties that are offered by Mario vs Donkey Kong. These difficulties change certain scenarios and settings making the game either less or more difficult. The players can choose from these difficulties according to their skills.

  1. Classic Style: This is similar to the original game launched on Game Boy Advance. This is a timed mode and one hit will lead to restarting the level.
  2. Casual Style: This is for players who want to have a relaxed experience and there is no time limit and checkpoints are saved. Mario also gets a few chances even after getting hit.
  3. Plus Worlds: This is a more advanced difficulty level and much trickier than the default game setting.
  4. Expert Levels: These levels are unlocked by getting a perfect score. They will challenge your gaming and puzzle-solving abilities.
  5. Time Attack: Time Attack mode will put your real skills to the test as you need to complete the stage in a very short time.

New Worlds for an Exciting Adventure

Apart from the known worlds of Mario’s Toy Company, Donkey Kong’s Jungle and Mystic Forest, there are two new additions. Merry-Mini Land an amusement park and Slippery Summit is a winter wonderland.


Mario vs Donkey Kong is a new instalment to the previous game launched in 2004. The new game is much better visually and gameplay-wise. It is available on Nintendo Switch and it will give the player a good nostalgic experience.

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