Panna Stone

Emeralds, ( Panna Stone ) the captivating green gemstones formed through the intricate interplay of mineral-rich fluids and host rocks under high temperatures and pressure, are a natural marvel in various regions globally. Notable sources include Australia, Brazil, Egypt, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, the USA, Colombia, and Zambia.

The emerald stone price is influenced by its origin, color, and clarity. Colombian Panna stone stands out for their deep green hue and high transparency. Thus, they command a premium in the gemstone market.

Beyond their aesthetic allure and physical properties, these gems play a captivating role in astrology, where they are intricately associated with the planet Mercury.

Throughout ancient history, Panna gemstones have been recognized for their significance as talismans, believed to ward off evils and spirits. These gemstones, including the green beryls, are thought to have a celestial connection, channeling energy that resonates around the wearer.

Astrological Benefits of the Green Gems

In astrology, the Panna stone harnesses the positive energy of the planet Mercury. This remarkable gemstone bestows wearers with many virtues, including loyalty, kindness, passion, improved intellect, wisdom, and enhanced decision-making skills.

These green gems hold a special place in the realm of birthstones, symbolizing rebirth and renewal as the birthstones for May. The lush green color of these gemstones, reminiscent of vibrant forests, has historical ties to treating diseases like malaria and cholera.

Additionally, they are associated with the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries, reflecting their enduring significance in relationships. The stone’s soft, green color is also believed to offer healing properties, providing comfort to the eyes and relieving eye strain and stress.

Who Should Wear Panna Stone?

These birthstone of May are valued for their healing properties in astrology, particularly for specific zodiac signs. Zodiac signs such as Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Virgo, and Aquarius are recommended to wear panna ratna. It enhances prosperity and wealth to improve concentration and speech.

Individuals looking to eliminate the negative impacts of the planet Mercury, especially those in professions such as public speakers, writers, artists, and educators, are advised to consider wearing these gems. A strategic placement of Mercury in the birth chart is associated with success in science and technology. This makes wearing an Emerald Stone Ring a potential catalyst for professional growth.

How to Wear Panna Ratna Correctly?

Selecting the right gemstone is crucial for maximizing astrological benefits. Original panna Ratna stone are ideal choices, particularly those worn as pendants or rings. Wearing rings on the little finger is recommended. The size of the Panna Ratna should fall within the range of 4.5 to 6.5 carats. Prices vary based on the four Cs of the stone: color, carat weight, clarity, and cut. Natural emerald stone with a vivid green hue commands higher prices than paler and lower-weight counterparts. The rarity and difficulty in finding natural gemstones contribute to their elevated prices. Untreated panna stones are generally priced higher than treated ones.

Emerald jewelry is advised to be crafted in gold or bronze. They should be worn preferably on Wednesdays, after consulting with an astrologer. In conclusion, the enchanting connection between these gems and astrology adds a fascinating dimension.

The historical use of these green beryls as amulets and their association with future telling underscore their cultural significance. Beyond symbolism, these gemstones offer a myriad of benefits, including effective communication, improved relationships, heightened intuition, and enhanced business capabilities. With its rich history, multifaceted symbolism, and positive influences, emerald can be considered an essential and meaningful element of one’s personality.

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