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Google Ads is the shortcut to ace your business. Traditional SEO can give you results in long go ut Google Ads assure you to boost your business rapidly. There was a misconception about the money involved in Ads but now it is clear that you can uplift your business at a reasonable price.

Google Ads isn’t much different from SEO. Like the latter, it too works on keywords and on page. A good on page of the web page ease out the process.

If you have two web pages having extreme levels of on page score. Regardless of other factors, the one having a better on page will cost you less as compared to others.

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There are many practices which lead to a quality ads campaign. Here we have compiled a list of the factors you need to consider

1. Keyword Analysis

As stated above, keywords hold the key for a better campaign. Before choosing keywords, keyword analysis is a must. You should consider factors like search volume, CPC, and competition on that particular keyword.  You can even utilize LSI keywords for virtuous results. Try to avoid keywords with a higher competition as you have to pay more to rank on that query.

2. Healthy On-Page

On page of a website will definitely reduce the cost you’ve to pay for a click.  Make sure you satisfy parameters like keyword density, Title and Meta Description length, and ALT tags etc. A good on page will also reduce your bounce rate, which is one of the most important performance factors for a website.

3. Ads Title and Description

The only part of your ad a user will see on Google’s SERP is your title and description you inserted while creating the ad. Make sure you put most of the content smartly in your title. Irrelevant titles will never get you clicks. Also, make sure to insert keywords in the description to assure the user of the page he’s going to enter is relevant.

4. Audience Group

Google Ads give you an amazing feature of running the ad whenever and wherever you like. You can set a particular audience for your ad. This will require a bit of strategizing like from where you want to have maximum clicks from. You can set your ad for different age groups, location and even for devices.

5. Bid Strategy

Sometimes, you are confused when you do everything alright still fail to get clicks. The most common troubleshooting of this issue is the bid amount set by you during ad creation. Instead of setting an average cost for all keywords, research on specific keywords and place your bids according to that.

These are some of the smart techniques you should follow for an enhanced Google Ads performance. Let us know in the comment box below if you can think of some more tips.


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