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HR Management or Human Resource Management is an integral part of school management. Although the HR professional is supposed to take care of all the responsibilities related to HR Management, as the school grows and becomes bigger, it becomes impossible for one to manage everything on one’s own.

Hence, the HR Management module of the School Management Software can play a big role in making human resource management easy and hassle-free. From the recruitment of teachers to assigning regular tasks to them, it shares all the responsibilities of the HR manager.

So, let us see in what more ways, the School Management Software helps in HR Management!

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Recruiting employees

The first advantage of the HR module of the School Management Software is definitely the fact that it helps in the recruitment of employees. It lets the HR professional prepare vacancy announcements and he/she can share them on various job platforms as well. Also, it provides the criteria required for each post. So, the applicants who do not match the criteria are automatically rejected. Only those who are qualified enough are selected and interviewed. This makes the whole process of selection and recruitment of employees simple and trouble-free.

Maintaining the staff

After the recruitment of employees, it is also imperative that the school takes the necessary steps for their maintenance. The HR module of the School Management Software assigns tasks to each of the employees and keeps a track of how they are carrying out those tasks. It also tracks the development of the employees throughout the year and conducts appraisals on a regular basis. The staff members are given goals and objectives to meet within a stipulated time. They are rewarded accordingly for their good performance. This makes them feel like an important part of the school. They also have a communication panel where they can discuss ideas. This develops team spirit in them and they also get to learn new things.

Managing attendance and leaves

The HR module of the School Management Software helps in managing the attendance and leaves taken by the staff. It keeps a record of the attendance of the employees, leaves taken by them and also manages their holiday requests. Thus, you know exactly how many leaves your employees have taken and how many more you can grant them. Also, it gets very convenient to calculate their salaries on the basis of how many days they were present throughout the month. It also maintains a calendar with a list of company holidays and important dates like the birthdays of the employees and other key events.

Better management of data

Data management is another of the advantages of having School ERP software. With this software, there is absolutely no need to write everything down in sheets of papers and store them in your school cabinets. This software can very well store all the data in one place. So, you can carry out all your work from there. It makes the whole system paperless and also error-free as there is no scope for human errors anymore. Also, the data that is stored in school cabinets is hardly as safe as the data stored here. It has various features such as data encryption and user authentication to prevent any unauthorized person from getting access to view the confidential data of the employees.

Managing Payroll

Payroll management is basically managing the salaries, bonuses and deductions of all the employees of a school or company. With School Management Software, payroll management becomes rather convenient. It has the records of all the leaves taken by the employees as well as the extra work done by them. So, it becomes very easy to calculate their monthly salaries. Instead of looking at multiple sheets of papers, one can find all the data in one place. Also, you don’t have to rely on anyone else to do it for you anymore. You can do it by looking at the records yourself.

It saves time and increases productivity

As far as HR Management is concerned, the School Management Software does save a lot of time of the admin. Most of the tasks that he has to manage such as updating employee data, calculation of sickness leaves, managing attendance records can now be done with only a few clicks. One doesn’t have to constantly look at spreadsheets anymore to take any decision. Thus, it saves a lot of effort as well and increases the overall productivity of the institution. Task checklists, reminders for important events and email notifications are some of the features of the School ERP software which make HR Management less time consuming and more productive.

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