Wireless-N WiFi repeater extends the WiFi signals and increases it up to 802.11n/g/b network. There are a lot of benefits and features it provides to users like WLAN security, data transmission rate of up to 300Mbps, and much more. It is compact and portable device for business travelers. Setting up a Wireless-N repeater is an easy and simple process. Here we will provide you step to step Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup instructions, so that you can install it in your house without any error occurrence. Let’s help you to setup your Wireless-N WiFi range extender.

Layout of WiFi Range Extender

  • On the repeater, you will see power LED that will light up steady red color when it is plugged into a wall socket.
  • Wireless indicator LED on the extender that indicates green light when it detects a wireless activity.
  • LAN LED which lights up when the Ethernet cable is connected on the LAN or WAN port of the repeater.
  • On the back of the router, you will find a RESET button. You can reset the device by pressing it for 10 seconds.

Hardware Setup

To connect with your router, you should follow easy steps written down here.

  • Find an Optimal Location

To connect the repeater to the WiFi router, you should choose a spot near the router and it must far away from the electronic devices and heavy metal things.

  • Link It with Router

Linking the repeater to the router will transfer the WiFi signals to the extender and it extends the signals in your home. To link, use the Ethernet cable and insert it into the WAN port of the range extender and LAN port of the router. You have to be sure that the Ethernet cable is not cut or damaged.

  • Turn On WiFi Repeater

Now, turn the WiFi range extender by plugging it into a nearest electric wall socket and press the Power button.

After setting up the hardware of the Wireless-N WiFi repeater, you should manage the settings and networks of the networking device.

How to Access Wireless-N Extender?

Connect Computer to Extender

To log into the interface of the extender, you have to link your computer or laptop with the repeater using an Ethernet cable. You can also connect it wirelessly with WiFi.

Enter Login Address

After the connection, open up any internet browser in your computer and type in the login IP address into the address bar. A login page of the interface will appear on the screen. Then, enter the login credentials into the username and password fields using the user manual that comes with the main unit of the Wireless-N repeater. Then click on Next button given at the bottom of the computer screen.

Explore Interface

Then, you will enter into the Wireless-N range extender’s interface. Here, you can configure the settings and networks, update the firmware, and enable several features of the repeater.

Let’s take a look on an extra informative section that explains the difference between WiFi repeater and boosters, so that you can choose the best one in your home.

WiFi repeater vs booster

WiFi repeaters and boosters are different networking devices with same work. Yes, both are used to extend the networks, but there is range difference in between WiFi repeater and boosters. People who want just to boost the network boosters are a good choice, but if you want to extend as well as boost the network then buy a repeater.

So, this is a paragraph with the explanation of WiFi extender vs booster.

The Last Words

As you can see, the setup process of the Wireless-N repeater is really smooth. In this article, we have shared layout of the repeater, hardware setup and how you can configure the settings of the range extender. We hope you have installed your new Wireless-N repeater easily and experiencing fastest.

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