Snapchat Planets

Snapchat was launched as a unique application where people were able to experience a number of new features and make their boring days interesting. The application also permits people to click beautiful and innovative pictures with the help of the filters and effects present in the application. Over the years, snap users have always seen new elements in the application which have worked to make the application more interesting.

One of the new things that users have recently seen on the application after the new update is Snap planets. Users have seen different planets in the application and a lot of snap users are confused about how these planets relate to the application. In this guide, we are going to tell you about snapchat best friends planets and how it depicts data on the application.

What is the Meaning of Snapchat Planets?

If you are a regular snap user then, I am sure that you have seen the small emojis as planets in the application. Well, snap planets are very simple to understand as they represent the personal solar system of snapchat.

To have a simple understanding, you will be the Sun in your snapchat solar system and all snap planets in order will appear in the application. These planets will represent the other snap users who are close to you in the order that they appear. If you see that a friend of yours has been assigned the planet Mercury then, this snap planets meaning is that this particular user is the closest to you on the application.

Now, you need to understand that this does not show your friends in actual life. These planets only represent the users who are close to you on the application.

What is the Order of Snapchat Planets in Snapchat?

Since you have now understood the meaning of snapchat solar system, you also need to know about the order of the snap solar system to determine which planets represent your closest friends on the application.

Just like the actual order of Planets in a solar system, snap planets are also arranged in the same order where mercury represents your closest friend on the application and Neptune represents someone who is your close friend but far away from all the other friends on the application.

However, it can be a little difficult to recognize the planets in snapchat best friends list planets and this is why we are also telling you about the appearances of the planets.

MercuryMercury appears as a rose-pink planet with little red hearts in the application.
VenusThe beige planet with purple and blue hearts is Venus.
EarthEarth is the easiest to understand as it is simply green and blue.
MarsThe sweet and simple red-coloured planet with blue and purple hearts is Mars.
JupiterSadly, there are no hearts around this orange planet.
SaturnYou can recognize Saturn with the help of a ring around it.
UranusUranus is a very simple planet to locate as the entire planet is just green.
NeptuneThe blue-coloured planet is the planet of imagination.


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