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If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume that you love gaming. And whether you’re a hardcore enthusiast or just discovering the world of gaming for the first time, there’s a very good chance that you have a passion for sharing your enthusiasm for video games with others. Which is why running your own gaming blog can be an extremely lucrative venture. With many gaming sites providing regular content and revenue through advertising, running a blog has never been easier.

What is a Gaming Blog?

A blog is, simply put, a type of online publication where authors write short articles about a particular topic. With a gaming blog, authors can write about any topic that pertains to video games in general, or about a particular game in more detail. Gaming blogs are a great option for anyone who’s interested in sharing their love of games with the world. While some people may see blogging as a side career or as a hobby, a successful gaming blog can turn into a lucrative business opportunity if done correctly.

Types of Gaming Blogs

– Podcast – A medium where you talk about video games, and someone else records it. This is more of a broadcast model.

Magazine – Basically, a printed version of your blog. This is more of a written publication.

– Video Gaming Podcast – Explains the latest games and comes with a guide for beginners.

– Video Gaming Magazine – Has in-depth reviews, previews, and editorials.

– Video Gaming Blog – Is basically a combination of all the above. The author discusses games, and also shares other topics, news, reviews, and guides.

– Game Reviews – A mix of the above. The author discusses games, and gives their reviews on them.

– Gaming Guides – A mix of the above. The author discusses games, and makes guides and walkthroughs of them as well.

– Top 10 Lists – Lists are always popular and make great content. Top 10s are also some of the most SEO friendly content you can create.

– Different Types of Gaming Blogs – There are many more unique types of gaming blogs, including guides about specific games, developing games for a specific platform, etc.

How to Start a Gaming Blog

This is actually a very easy and straightforward process. All you need to do is find content that people are interested in reading, and then write about it. There are a lot of places you can look for content once you have the idea for a gaming blog. You can always look on Reddit, or social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also simply ask around in your gaming communities. Once you find some interesting content to write about, you can then create a post on your blog detailing it. You can then include a link back to the source material so your readers can go back and check it out if they want. You can also try and include some kind of call to action at the end of your blog post. This can be anything from asking your readers if they want more content, to asking them if they want a guide to play S128.

Tips and Tricks for Running a Gaming Blog

  • Use Quality Over Quantity – While you may want to include every single piece of content that you come across, it’s important to remember that not everyone is going to want to read this. There’s a reason why the internet is filled with so much content; because people have different interests, and different things are important to them. So don’t try and force something down their throats; instead, pick out things that your audience find interesting, and write about them.
  • Use Humor – Who doesn’t like a little humor here and there? Humor can be a great way to break up what may otherwise be a very boring topic. It can also help to develop your writing style and style as an author. While it’s important to remember that humor should always be tasteful, sometimes you just need to get the tension out of your chest and into the world.
  • Write About What You Know – You may think that your readers don’t care about your experience as an author, but this is wrong. People want to know what you know, and what you’ve experienced. You may not want to share your life story with your readers, but you can certainly share what you know.

Playing Game

If you want to go one step further than simply writing blogs about video games, you can also create YouTube channels that focus solely on gaming content. These channels can be a great source of revenue for many gaming bloggers, as YouTube ads are extremely lucrative. There are also many different ways that you can monetize a gaming channel. You can sell virtual goods, create quizzes and quizzing games, or even create live streams.

Key Takeaway

There are many different ways you can start your own gaming blog. And once you’ve got your fingers on the keyboard, it’s important to remember that quality is far more important than quantity. You’ll also want to use your blog as an opportunity to share your love of gaming with others, so don’t forget that.

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