Custom serum boxes

Maybe you have heard that in some capacity custom serum boxes are the perfect choice for every brand in the skincare industry. I am damn sure, you never heard or know why they are the perfect options and what factors make them perfect. Have you ever tried to find the answer to these questions?      

The answer to this question lies in the attributes of custom serum packaging boxes that make them symbols of perfection in the skincare industry. These attributes are an integral part and parcel of their nature and serve as identity sources. By understanding these attributes you will understand why serum boxes are the perfect choice available for the skincare industry. Let’s have a conversation on these aspects for a better grasp of this blog.    

1- Splendid Display Of Serums :

For a better understanding of this blog, you need to know first the worth of this industry. According to one survey, the real worth of the skincare industry in 2021 is around 147 billion dollars. This worth is enough to highlight why the skincare industry always avails the professional services of custom serum boxes wholesale providers.

They know that the serum boxes these providers offer are of the best quality that not cause any kind of damage to their serum bottles. Another thing behind their blind trust is related to the display of serum bottles.  Every serum box is so well crafted that it displays serum products on the shelves in a fascinating way.   

2- Marketing Of Unimaginative Level:

Have you ever questioned how this skincare industry has grown so big in a short period? I think you never bother to find the answer to this question. Behind the excellent growth of the skincare industry, there is one factor which is marketing. The marketing techniques of the skincare industry are so charming that they leave a lasting impact on the buying behavior of the customers.

Apart from doing marketing through traditional means, the skincare industry also does marketing through its packaging. Marketing through packaging boxes like custom printed serum boxes is considered not only effective but cheap compared to other forms of marketing.         

3- Security Of Impeccable Level:

The excellent protective mechanism of serum packging is one of the reasons that makes them the favorite choice of skincare brands. There is no need to share why serum bottles need extra security. I think as a brand owner you know it very well, especially their delicate nature.  

This element of security also carries great significance during the delivery of the serum bottles. There is no need to worry about the security of serum bottles during delivery when you use Custom mailer boxes rate for that purpsoe. The following are some aspects of mailer boxes that ensure the security of serum bottles during the delivery process.

  • Materials:

Every style of mailer box is made of either cardboard or corrugated and both materials possess durability of a premium level. So, there is no need to worry about the security of the serum bottles if you opt for mailer boxes for their protection. 

  • Coating:

Apart from providing a better appearance to mailer boxes coating also serves as a tool of protection. This protective mechanism is not only cheap but more environmentally friendly compared to lamination. In terms of coating, you can use the follwing coating techniques for better results. 

  • Spot Uv
  • Aqueous Coating
  • Soft Touch Coating


The third way through which mailer boxes ensure the protection of serum bottles during transportation is due to their lamination. The lamination on mailer boxes not only imparts smoothness but also ensures protection.  In terms of lamination, the following lamination techniques that you can use in your mailer boxes. 

  • Anti Scratch Lamination
  • Matt Lamination 
  • Silk Lamination 
  • Gloss Lamination   

4- Extra Unique Decoration Elements:

Just as I explained in the earlier section the skincare industry brands use custom serum boxes not just for protection but also for marketing. In the market, the most important thing is the decoration that hypnotizes customers and attracts them in a great capacity. So, the extra decorative nature of serum boxes is also one of the reasons for their popularity in the skincare industry.

The following are the means through which the decorative nature of serum packaging can be improved.     

  • Printing:

The popularity of custom serum boxes USA is attributed to their versatile printing techniques and inks. These techniques and inks not only improve their decoration but also make their branding tactics more effective. 

  • Adds-On:

Add-ons can also be used to improve the decorative nature of serum packging. Some skincare brands use add-ons to add some sort of uniqueness and individuality to the appearance of serum packaging boxes.     

Final Lines:

After reading this blog readers come to know the significance of custom serum boxes in the skincare industry. Apart from knowing significance, readers will understand the diverse attributes of serum packaging that help in the growth of their skincare business. 

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